For this end-of-year challenge, consider your own path.

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.”

— Welsh poet Gwyn Thomas

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I went on a number of hikes in Volcanoes National Park, walking atop hardened lava flows. One hike — originating from Chain of Craters Road, the main loop that tours the park — led to an area called Pu`u Loa, home to more than 23,000 ancient petroglyphs.

This concentration of petroglyphs was quite a sight: stick figures, circular and dot-like designs, and other mysterious motifs carved into the lava rocks. But walking the path was an adventure in itself, especially since there weren’t many people out and about.

Photo by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

As this year comes to a close, I’ve paused to think about my own path. In the beginning of 2016, I lived in a different place, had set a few personal goals, and expected to continue in one direction. Halfway through the year, however, that path veered the other way, and I’ve found myself in a new home, adapting to new things on a daily basis, and realizing how important it is to slow down and recognize (and enjoy) the winding path I’m on.

For this photo challenge, show us what path means to you. Consider the journey you’ve taken this year (or where you hope to go in 2017) and share a snapshot of this personal path, whether figurative or literal. A path can look like the one in the photo above, but it can also be a glimpse into your interests and passions or personal and professional goals.

We look forward to seeing the various paths you take!

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  1. It’s never about the destination, its always about the journey, its called the journey of life, from our birth to our final goodbye, from one door closing to another door opening, our lives take many different paths, we must always be grateful, for no matter which path we choose or is chosen for us, we must always be strong and make the best out of whatever life throws at us, and always expect the unexpected.


  2. Path…this is not the path I thought I was meant to take but here I am. Things are not so bad. Some I would like to change. A new year is coming so the path could change, for good or for bad. Time will only tell.


  3. Trying to plan your life is funny when you know it will be happening while your busy making those plans. Our paths are never as we want them to be nor what we are; our way in this life is as unpredictible as a drunk driver and you never know which ride will be your last. Lights out !


  4. The path of least resistance or off the beaten track? That’s the question to ask when deciding on your European vacation. One option is to go on a guided tour. The other is to strike on your own. Both have their benefits and risks.

    The former enables you to see all the familiar tourist spots but, due to time constraints, it doesn’t offer you much in experiencing the local culture. Oftentimes, it only gives you enough time to take photos to brag about back home. On the other hand, the latter allows you to wander around and discover the country’s hidden gems but, at the same time, it runs you the risk of getting lost or mugged in the process.


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