Every good photograph needs a focal point. It’s the thing that draws the viewer’s eye and tells the story. On…

Every good photograph needs a focal point. It’s the thing that draws the viewer’s eye and tells the story.

On a recent trip through Cambodia, I spent some time staying with a rice farmer and his family. In addition to the farm, they ran a little shop on the roadside selling eggs, vegetables, cooking oil, and snacks to their neighbors in the village.

young Cambodia boy

As you can see from his expression, he takes his job minding the shop *very* seriously.

While wandering around early one morning, snapping photos of village life and sunrise over the rice paddies, I noticed one of the family’s grandchildren sitting in the shop while his mother chatted with a customer. As he watched me watching him, I took this picture. One little boy, patiently waiting as the early-morning bustle buzzed around him.

This week, we want to see photos that focus on one thing. Maybe you’ve got a stark photo of a single tree silhouetted against the setting sun, or a lone sandpiper wandering the beach as waves crash. Perhaps you’ve caught your mother sitting by herself in a moment of quiet contemplation. Maybe you saw a basket of wriggling puppies, and got a photo with a single fuzzy face in focus. (Please, someone, take that photo!)

superman curlLots of our Photography 101 guest bloggers provided great tips on establishing a focal point, so feel free to turn to them for inspiration.

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, show us ONE.

— Michelle

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