Humans love naming things — look around you, and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!

I’ve been living in Northern California for about a year, and one of my favorite things about my neighborhood is the abundance of farmers’ markets — there’s one nearby almost every day, and they offer a huge range of foods and give me a chance to chat with farmers. It’s nice to know that my food was raised with care.

Some days, that becomes even more evident. As I was putting away a recent haul, I noticed that my eggs had citations — I now knew the name of the specific chicken that laid my breakfast.

The eggs made a delicious meal, and it was nice to know who to credit. Thanks for the omelette, Sheila! (The carton also contained a few pieces of Ellen’s handiwork, but those went into a cake.)

This week, share a photo that includes a name. When you stop and look around, you realize that we’re surrounded by names: street signs, name tags, vanity license plates, boat names, brand names, the spines of the books on your shelf… there are possibilities everywhere.

Look for something esoteric, or keep it close to home with a photo of a building that’s important to you or of your favorite person wearing a monogrammed sweater. Whatever you choose, make sure we can read the name!

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  1. No photo today but I love your post on the egg (to me, a food writer, a perfect food.) and about farmers markets.
    I buy my freshly laid organic eggs from a local farmer in his 80’s, born in Greece and living in the Mohave desert. Early today he offered me two chickens…free. (He has over 500) Tempting. Yet more fun to drive down dirt roads in my 69 pickup to his farm and take time to chat about life.

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