What does your morning look like?

Thanks to Merilee Mitchell at The Gravel Ghost for this week’s theme idea!

Imagine your typical morning. You might picture your favorite coffee mug. A streak of sunlight coming through your bedroom window. Or the roosters in your backyard that sound off at 5 am.

Or how about a snapshot of a once-in-a-lifetime morning, like a panorama of snowy mountaintops you’ve taken during a trek in the Patagonian Andes? Or a photo from breakfast of a pastéis de nata, a delicious Portuguese egg tart pastry, while on holiday in Lisbon?

There are countless ways we can start our days. Here’s another interpretation of morning — a woodsy view from the porch of a tiny house:

For this week’s photo challenge, publish a new post with an image that means morning to you. We’re especially interested in creative and unique takes on the theme — bonus points to those who think beyond the usual sunrise photo!

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    1. Hi there! The “Post About Morning” button you see there is new 🙂 Yes, you can click on that to open up a new post. The post will be pre-filled with a pingback to this challenge (or a link back to this post). The pingback allows your response to be displayed in the image grid with all the other responses.

      Hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions.

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  1. I so love a challenge.. and morning time is one of my best time of the day .The light; the softness; the peacefulness; the thought of a brand new day; the air; the feeling of the joys of being alive; and I smile, happily, loving my life and the prospect of doing and achieving something new.

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