As you look through your lens this week, pay attention to lines.

The last time I was in Kauai, I saw the most magnificent tree in Old Koloa Town on the island’s sunny south shore. Its canopy of branches spreads over a tiny red-paneled art gallery in a grand display that took my breath away. We sat on a bench while eating our shave ice and marveled at its presence, grateful for its shade.

I love the interplay of lines in this snapshot: the contrast between the loose, organic lines of the curvy and wiry branches in the top half of the frame and the straight, man-made lines of the building underneath.

This week, share a photo with a composition dominated by lines — hard or soft, straight or curvy, vertical or horizontal, or made in nature or as part of a cityscape. We look forward to seeing your interpretations!

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  1. Stunning! I’m still staring at it. Great picture. How wonderful it must have been to “be” there and feel the trees presence. Good for you! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  2. I love this photo. What a beautiful tree! Very cool how you’ve contrasted the branches of the tree and the house below. The lines in the aluminum roof are a plus. I love the ripple lines of the roof at the edge.

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