Life Imitates Art

This week, find inspiration in a piece of art. Then, imitate it.

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”

— Oscar Wilde

Artists are inspired by and capture the world around us: sculptors immortalize people with statues; painters record events in their masterpieces. What about the other way around? For this week’s theme, find inspiration in a piece of art, and go further: imitate it. Here are some ideas:

  • Reenact a painting. Need inspiration? Just google “American Gothic remake.”
  • Take a new version of one of your photos. Re-create your own work. Same subject, same scene, same angle. (In your post, show or link to the original one!)
  • Imitate a sculpture, as I did in London’s St Pancras International, before boarding a train to Paris. (You don’t have to physically stand next to a statue, but bonus points if you do!)
Life imitates art

Posing next to a statue of British author and poet John Betjeman at St Pancras International in London, England.

You’re not limited to the options above — consider other forms of art, get creative, and interpret the challenge as you like. Don’t forget to identify the piece of art you’re referencing — and link to an appropriate source of information, if possible.

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