This week, let’s explore the interplay of texture and depth.

The seasons are changing here in British Columbia, Canada. Yesterday, in the span of 90 minutes, I drove through what felt like 17 distinct climates. It’s the time of year when people advise each other to dress in layers, regardless of which hemisphere they live in. I can’t argue with the recommendation on the practical level, but what I like about it is its deeper subtext: “Keep your options open! You never know what surprises await you.”

The milky turquoise of Green Lake, in Whistler, British Columbia, certainly caught me by surprise — I loved how even a faint breeze could transform the water’s texture, and how its jade-smooth color played against the weathered planks of a footbridge. It was well worth the minor trouble of carrying a rain jacket that proved unnecessary midway through my walk.

This week, share with us a layered image of your own. The topic is wide open, as long as you focus on the interplay of depth, density, and texture (or just choose one of these elements if you’d like). Strata of clouds, a shirt collar peeking through a sweater, a cross-section of an onion: you can keep your interpretation as literal or as figurative as you wish.

I look forward to exploring this topic through your photos!

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  1. Nice photo. Reminds me we have yet to go up to Whistler this year or even pass through on our way to 100 Mile. With all the fires , we ended up going the long way round up the Yellowhead and back along Highway 24. Now we have to worry about running into snow. 🙂

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  2. I did not at first link my post directly here because even though it is filled with lots of emotional layers, linking maybe wasn’t appropriate in light of all of the Caribbean islands that were devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria recently. There has been so much loss, it is mind boggling. As I write this Puerto Rico is experiencing a total black out and under siege by Maria. So so sad! I live in little Barbados. We usually get the bad weather first as a tropical storm and then the system becomes something bigger and badder later on. See how I feel under all of the layers of questions about surviving such catastrophic events: and send some love to the Caribbean; we really need it right about now. Blessings!

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  3. I really like this kind of theme, so many options to interpret and the pic of the green water and wood is great!

    I take the opportunity to give a big hug and a thanks, because I don’t know elsewhere to write. Thank you so much Ben for featuring my blog in “Reader” “Discover” a few weeks ago. It was a great surprise when suddenly I got hundreds of new visitors and followers. Very much appreciated and I’m so grateful and very happy. Daily, I get to know lots of new fantastic bloggers around the world. Thanks!! / Anita Malta

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  4. Hello I am new here. Pleasee encourage me checkk my blogs @arah5 .. I will be talking about Lebanon and Lebanese mentality. Hope you will enjoyy!


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