Rejoice! It’s the end of the week, and time for a celebratory photo challenge.

Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant. See also:


The Krewe du Vieux is one of the first parades on New Orleans’ Mardi Gras calendar each year and the only one to still use mule-drawn floats (rather than floats pulled by trucks), which allows it to wend through the narrow streets of the city’s French Quarter.

It typically has a satirical political theme, and its floats and costumes are quite risqué — but before the raucous, not-safe-for-work displays, there was a lone singer leading the way. I couldn’t look away; up and down the street, all eyes followed her. Not because of the colors or feathers or glitter, but because of the expression on her face as she sang: exuberant. Joyful. Elated. Jubilant. She was happy to be in that moment, singing that song, and it didn’t matter if there were 1,000 people watching or no one.

The photo gives me a sense of that joy, even while I know that it captures only a fraction of her emotion.

Let’s all end this week on a high note, with images that say jubilant.

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  1. Jubilation can be manifested in many ways.

    In the case of the little girl waiting for the start of the parade in Cusco, Peru, the reaction was more restrained.

    An unexpected gift of orange didn’t cause her to jump up and down.

    But the look in her eyes and the way she held the fruit close to her mouth betrayed the emotions welling up deep inside her.


  2. Exuberance is all one needs to have a happening life. It doesn’t require a king-sized gesture to make one happy. Even tiny moments of joy can bring happiness making one JUBILANT. Have an exhilarating weekend full of joy n fun.

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  3. I saw the Krewe du Vieux several years ago, a great experience! What a wonderful photo – thanks for sharing with us, and the memories.


  4. I am from New Orleans. Grew up attending the parades and “soaking ” up the atmosphere! I have so many fond memories!

    You captured her beautifully! A lot of soul in the heart of New Orleans.Moved away in the early 80s .


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