It IS Easy Being Green!

This week is all about color. For an extra challenge, create a gallery.

Sometimes it’s fun to take a step back from interpretive challenges and just celebrate a color: green! With Monday’s vernal equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere — not to mention the St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans in many cities over the weekend — it seemed like a great time to bask in the color of spring rebirth (and leprechauns).

Of course, this is extra-easy when your photos come from Northern Ireland, as mine do this week:

Great news: uploading and managing images and galleries to posts just got a little simpler with the addition of a Media link to your dashboard.

Those of you who’d like to go more interpretive still have plenty of options: try an image of something you envy, or a photo inspired by the one of the other common associations with green (life, health, youth, money, hope). Otherwise, just bask in the color itself!

If you want to push things a little more, try creating an image gallery to highlight multiple hues of this springtime shade.

Happy shooting!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Michelle. It is interesting to think of interpretations of green in different cultures around the globe, and in literature.
    I remember growing up with green, representing fertility and prosperity, and Indian women adorn green bangles and green ‘sarees’.

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  2. Wow! Northern Ireland looks beautiful; so lush and dare I say it, green! I’d love to visit someday. Wonderful pictures!


    1. Welcome! FYI: that link goes to your dashboard, which is private, so people won’t be able to see your site. The simplest way to get the public link is to go to your blog’s home page and click on the post title. Then, copy the address you see in your browser’s address bar and use that.

      Here’s your post:

      (I also noticed that the link in your profile is wrong, so people can’t get to your blog by clicking on your name. You can update that here:


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