I love a serious or metaphorical theme as much as the next photographer… but this week, let’s just have some fun.

I can’t believe that in four years of photo challenges, we’ve never used “fun” as a theme! Time to change that.

Earlier this year, I went to Italy to spend time with family and took a few extra days to visit Florence and get my Renaissance art on (and my Tuscan food). To wander the streets in search of a much-talked-about new coffee shop is to be hemmed in by 400-year-old buildings while coming face to face with priceless sculpture and incomparable architecture.

Oh, and this guy:

street art

Street art in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Florence, Italy. Photo by Michelle W.

Plastered on the side of one of said 400-year-old buildings was this ginger fellow, exhorting me to shake my booty. Everything about him — the bright colors, the message, the unexpectedness — was a shot of fun in the midst of non-stop historical gravitas.

(If you’re in Florence and also need a break from the gravitas — and a good caffè latte — both the coffee and this guy were on Via dei Neri.)

This week’s theme is simple: share a photo of something fun! Let’s all shake our booties, literal or figurative.

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