Friendship. There are so many ways to show friendship and to see it in others. This trio of boys at a…

Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

Photo courtesy of Sara Rosso

Friendship. There are so many ways to show friendship and to see it in others. This trio of boys at a wedding didn’t let the lack of a common language be a barrier to their friendship – they played all day!

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  1. Like last week’s challenge, a seemingly easy topic, but having to capture the intangible. Will have to think about this one for a bit! Looking forward to seeing others contributions.


  2. Friendships… so hard to part with, especially when you´re bringing kids up as an expat… moving every couple of years… something that can not be taught, and even harder to be understood… A celebration to new friendships!
    Greetings from our traveling family, currently posted in Brazil!


  3. I could pull hundreds of photos from my archives for this, or link to a handful of previous posts… But I think I’m going to try something daring: take photos specifically for the challenge!


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