Share your vision of our magnificent Earth through your lens.

Photo by Jen Hooks.

As far as we currently know, our planet is unique in its ability to sustain life. We are an island in an unimaginably huge universe.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” Wendell Berry

I have always regarded nature with reverence, feeling most at peace with my feet (and hands!) in the dirt, and the outdoors in my lungs. My most vivid memories of childhood center around outdoor exploration: collecting unique rocks, seeking insects and spiders under fallen logs, cultivating a love and respect for the environment that is a major defining characteristic of who I am today.

During a recent trip to Ireland, I stole a few moments for myself at one of the lovely lakes in Glendalough, and came across the tiny, shimmering stone in the photo below. I had the sentimental thought that nature was sending me a message: “I love you, too.”

A small rock in the shape of a heart, laying in deep green vegetation. Photo by Photo by <a href="">Jen Hooks</a>.

Photo by Jen Hooks.

On this day, between the global Earth Day celebration, and Mother’s Day in the United States, share your vision of our glorious Mother Earth.

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  1. A trip to the limpopo province in south africa was really one of the most beautiful places i have seen and the waterfall experiences and scenery of our earth is amazing


  2. In the hustle and bustle of life, are we too busy to appreciate the most beautiful thing in this world, Nature? We get too occupied by the “artificial things” that sometimes, we forget to upraise the “natural” things. Everyone, at some point, feels shattered. Some due to their financial problems and some due to their family or friends problems. Despite being connected to millions of people(okay that’s too much, let’s say it thousands) through the technology and gadgets, aren’t we all still alone? We hardly find anyone who’d hold our hands to stand us up when we  fall. We, humans, keep running after the “big things” , keep waiting for the “big miracles” to happen but fail to realize that “big” happiness resides in small things. Ever seen two children playing endlessly in the rain? With no worries on their face. How beautifully they pour their sorrows in the rain and then, smile and endless laughter are  only left with them . Ever seen a couple together who are growing old together since the last 40 years, holding each other’s hand, being the support of one another, laughing out loud at the sea shore? Because if you’ve seen it that’s when you realize,how nature does so many big things for us and in the end all we do for nature is to take them granted. Because taking things for granted is one of the default qualities of humans? So if by now, if you’ve read this post, please take some time out to cherish the nature we’ve been gifted. Plant tress. Water them. See them growing beautifully. Stare at the stars till all night, feel the warmth of the wind that touches you and then passes by instead of staring at that phone which is probably making us alone day by day. Create your own garden around you because when we see beautiful things, beautiful things happen with us. Respect your elders. Think about good things. Do good deeds. Drain those people who fill you with negativity out of your life. Life’s beautiful. Nature’s beautiful. Cherish the nature for lifetime and beyond . “Let’s not take this planet for granted”. 💝



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