Share your vision of our magnificent Earth through your lens.

Photo by <a href="">Jen Hooks</a>.

A small rock in the shape of a heart, laying in deep green vegetation. Photo by Photo by Jen Hooks.

As far as we currently know, our planet is unique in its ability to sustain life. We are an island in an unimaginably huge universe.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” Wendell Berry

I have always regarded nature with reverence, feeling most at peace with my feet (and hands!) in the dirt, and the outdoors in my lungs. My most vivid memories of childhood center around outdoor exploration: collecting unique rocks, seeking insects and spiders under fallen logs, cultivating a love and respect for the environment that is a major defining characteristic of who I am today.

During a recent trip to Ireland, I stole a few moments for myself at one of the lovely lakes in Glendalough, and came across the tiny, shimmering stone in the photo below. I had the sentimental thought that nature was sending me a message: “I love you, too.”

A small rock in the shape of a heart, laying in deep green vegetation. Photo by Photo by <a href="">Jen Hooks</a>.

Photo by Jen Hooks.

On this day, between the global Earth Day celebration, and Mother’s Day in the United States, share your vision of our glorious Mother Earth.

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  1. Captivating the small moments in life, is what makes nature so beautiful. Sometimes we overlook what mother nature gives us everyday, and it’s not until we stop to absorb the smallest details that we are able to feel happy, beyond anything else that can not be compared.

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  2. Very.good but we better not keep procrastinating on our only sustainable Planet.

    It is just plain out unreasonable in any realm, we have changed the Composition of Mother Earth.

    Thank you

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  3. Earth, as well as walking on earth makes you feel grounded.. in balance or zero state.. especially on the sea side or mountains for example.. Thank you for another interesting perspective.. Swav @PaintingsbySwav.. Ireland

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  4. The earth has countless unexpected treasures, whether or not we are looking for them! Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture.

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  5. This is so beautiful. I’m glad I could read this and be reminded of how beautiful our earth is. This really cheered me up.
    Thank you ❤

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  6. The stone you found is extremely pretty and gets me to wish i was there too.. It is amazing how much diversity mother earth can accomodate in what little area it has. It joins us all with her strength beneath our feet.

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  7. Jen, I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels loved when I see a shooting star or a low bright full moon, or when I find a rare shell on the beach or see the tiniest frog on the trail I’m hiking or……well you know what I mean.

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