This week, focus on dinnertime: share a meal with us, or shoot during your dinner hour. Blogger’s choice!

Photo by <a href="http://picturesofthin.gs">Michelle W.</a>


I was in Palm Springs, California, staring at some Dr. Seuss-esque flora from a distance, when I realized that (1) the small dark shape hovering near the blossoms was not, in fact, some kind of giant hideous desert bug, but a hummingbird, and (2) I had apparently never seen a hummingbird in real life before.

For several afternoons, my camera and I stalked it; it (he? she?) seemed to particularly enjoy the hours between four and six for an evening’s nosh. With a bit of patience, a bit of luck, and a very fast shutter speed, I eventually got a few shots of my tiny, frenetically flapping, non-bug friend, including this one of the bird hovering at the far tip of a row of small blooms, sipping from the penultimate flower. A delicate dinnertime:


This week, share an image inspired by dinnertime — whether you take a photo of food or simply shoot during the evening hours is up to you!

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  1. They really are a fascinating creature. I have a picture of one in Palm Desert. The little hummingbird was just sitting completely still and then it fluttered off.


  2. It was a picture taken late in the afternoon at Piazza del Santo in Padua, Italy. Feeding the pigeons has been observed in public squares all around the country. Vendors can even be found selling grains to tourists.

    It’s an experience that most of us can’t afford to resist. But now it comes with a caveat. Do it and you may be cited and pay a fine.



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