Discover the intimate details of something unexpected, and share your images with us.

A macro photograph of dewdrops on dandelion seeds. Photo by Jen Hooks.

“If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” — Robert Capa

If you’ve followed my previous photo challenges, you’ll know that I am enamored with nature. I love the exotic and the mundane, the wondrous and the earthy. One of my favorite things about nature is her details — the intricate vascular system of a leaf, the wispy patterns in clouds at sunset, or luminous beads of dew on the delicate filaments of a dandelion seed. When distilled down to the details, a weed becomes a lovely piece of art.

A macro photograph of dewdrops on dandelion seeds. Photo by Jen Hooks.

A macro photograph of dewdrops on dandelion seeds. Photo by Jen Hooks.

Fun Fact: This image was shot with my phone and an inexpensive clip-on macro lens called an olloclip. You don’t need fancy equipment to capture tiny details!

For this week’s challenge, try to look past the big picture and take a more intimate approach. Zoom in on details in unexpected places — it can be something from the natural world, or it can be human-made. We’re excited to see what you find with your lens.

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  1. My take on the challenge is usually to somehow interpret whatever photo I’m working on at the time of the challenge’s email into the challenge theme. So this week, a live shot of Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir, is almost “anti-details” 🙂

    But I do like how certain subtle details appear only after the subject’s black suit is blended into the darkly-lit background. Would love to hear your thoughts. 🙂 Cheers and a great weekend to you all!

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