This week, let’s get into the thick of things.

We focused on some of photography’s core elements in recent challenges — color, point of view — and today we revisit another one that’s close to my heart: texture.

It’s already almost-Spring here in Vancouver, Canada (read: it’s rainy and muddy and gray), but just a few short weeks ago, we got to experience some bonafide winter magic. A walk in the woods presented so many different textures bumping into each other — from the smooth and soft snow to the open skies. But what I enjoyed the most were the tree trunks: on their own, they were slender and unassuming. Collectively, though, they made for a thick, bright, impenetrable horizon, a true force to be reckoned with.

This week, share your take on “dense” — you could focus on a natural landscape like I did, or take the theme in a different direction, from a sweaty crowd at a rock concert or a busy avenue during rush hour to a fresh loaf of bread, waiting for someone to take the first bite.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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  1. That picture is so familiar, Ben. During my winter park trips, all my camera could capture is blue-brown-white (if you are lucky, that is). And I’d prefer that any day to the grey-dullbrown-whites when the sun would not shine (and I go in denial phase). Unless, of course, you have the dense green-ness of the evergreens and feel grateful for adding some color…

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  2. Yes!! Indeed many times I think people in general just do not have the core related ability to define different attributes or characteristics, of what is expected to be done when talking about,photography and elements in explaining pictures I think.


  3. Today I didn’t go tot the sea, I didn’t go to the river, but walked with my youngest deep inside the green woods. The snow has melted in Latvia now, and I captured in my mind the many different hues of green. Because I forgot my camera at home! We walked among the intelligent pines and counted cones in the green and puffy moss. I contemplated there, how many trees there are! How many of them! Dense scenery indeed.

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      1. Yes, I will take my camera with me tomorrow. But I have some more dense ideas, will make a post soon. Thank you for an inspiring theme.

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  4. Great photo and great topic! Because of time commitments, I may not get to this challenge today. But I am already enjoying thinking about it. Anticipation can be so much fun. I will probably pick a nature topic, as I often do. 🙂


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