There’s rhythm and motion all around us — this week, let’s capture some of it in a photo.

When I let my brain loose, allowing it to absorb what’s around me without trying to process anything in particular, what it often detects is choreography — unmistakable dance moves, often in unexpected places.

It can be the organized chaos of a subway platform at rush hour, with hundreds of people making their way in and out of trains without missing a beat. Sometimes it’s a team of cooks frenetically at work in a restaurant’s open kitchen, or a flock of puffins swimming in tandem with the precision of a corps de ballet.

Or it can be palm trees in the California desert, swaying and rustling on a recent afternoon after a surprise storm shook them out of their midday stupor.


In this week’s challenge, share a photo of something that appears like dance to you — whether you choose to focus on objects, animals, or people (actually dancing, or not), try to capture the rhythm in their movement.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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