An assortment, a collection, a hodgepodge. This week, share one — whether found in the wild or assembled yourself.

The Roman neighborhood of Trastevere is perennially popular with both tourists and locals; its twisting, cobbled alleys and ochre buildings looking down on bustling piazzas are the epitome of “Rome” in many a mind’s eye.

While dolce vita-ing my way down the Via della Lungaretta, gelato in hand, I passed a wall that had become the community collage. None of the art extended beyond this single concrete panel, but within its boundaries nestled a colorful collection of diverse, detailed small artwork.

(Obviously, my favorite bit was the “Have you seen this dingus?” flyer in the middle, because I am 39 years old going on 11.)

This week, share a collage with us. It can be a collage you find out in the world — a grouping of flyers on a telephone pole, patches of plants in a bed of flowers, a parking lot checkered with colorful cars — or a collage made of multiple photos. (What a great use of a tiled gallery! Nudge nudge.) If you want to indulge your inner arts-and-crafts nerd, make a paper collage and share a photo of that.

Blogger’s choice! Have fun.

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  1. It’s so cool to see someone hyped up about collage and street art and sharing it here! It’s by far my favorite thing to watch out for while travelling and I love collecting snapshots of it all. thanks for sharing!


  2. My collage will be sort of a time capsule….me before cancer, and the aftermath of beginnings…..a tale of life through eyes that are afraid to die but tired of the daily game of where do i belong .who really cares about me except for God?…… Not meaning to seem like i need all these answers but if you were wearing my shoes what things are you thinking and dont be fake really put on the shoes…..


  3. I’ve always loved collages because while they’re random they also represent a collective vision of the artist(s) who created them. I should collect some of my favorites and post them.


    1. I liked looking through all your great photos! That’s a very interesting destination you’ve written about.
      ~ A.R.


    2. Welcome!

      FYI: that link goes to your dashboard, which is private, so people won’t be able to see your site. The simplest way to get the public link is to go to your blog’s homepage and click on the post title. Then, copy the address you see in your browser’s address bar and use that.

      Here’s your homepage:


  4. My first time ever to NYC … and it was amazing! More photos to follow as this interesting collage is really just a taste of an exceptional visit.
    Been to NYC yourself and shared your pics? Then leave us a link to your blog post in the comments so that we can visit you too 🙂


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