An assortment, a collection, a hodgepodge. This week, share one — whether found in the wild or assembled yourself.

The Roman neighborhood of Trastevere is perennially popular with both tourists and locals; its twisting, cobbled alleys and ochre buildings looking down on bustling piazzas are the epitome of “Rome” in many a mind’s eye.

While dolce vita-ing my way down the Via della Lungaretta, gelato in hand, I passed a wall that had become the community collage. None of the art extended beyond this single concrete panel, but within its boundaries nestled a colorful collection of diverse, detailed small artwork.

(Obviously, my favorite bit was the “Have you seen this dingus?” flyer in the middle, because I am 39 years old going on 11.)

This week, share a collage with us. It can be a collage you find out in the world — a grouping of flyers on a telephone pole, patches of plants in a bed of flowers, a parking lot checkered with colorful cars — or a collage made of multiple photos. (What a great use of a tiled gallery! Nudge nudge.) If you want to indulge your inner arts-and-crafts nerd, make a paper collage and share a photo of that.

Blogger’s choice! Have fun.

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  1. Ohh! I love, love, LOVE collages. Great post, too, and what an incredibly cool wall. I have always wanted to go to Italy. One day I will. Until then I will continue gazing at photos by people who have been there. 🙂


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