Cherry On Top

This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.

Photo by Michelle W.

The cherry on top. The icing on the cake. Or, as the straightforward folks at Oxford Dictionaries explain it, “a desirable feature perceived as the finishing touch to something that is already very good.”

(I much prefer the dessert-oriented idioms.)

Sometimes, the cherry on top — that extra little enhancement that makes a good thing better — is an actual cherry on top, especially when you’re at a New Jersey diner:

milkshake with a cherry on top

A chocolate milkshake = good. Whipped cream and sprinkles = better. A cherry = the ultimate finishing touch.

This week, share an image of a finishing touch from your own life. Maybe it’s a photo of the blooming rose bush that’s the centerpiece of your garden, or a shot of the sunset that was a perfect end to a wonderful day. Perhaps it’s a snapshot of the glowing grin on your daughter’s face after she achieves a longed-for goal, or a picture of the statue on top of a beautiful old building in your city.

Show us the detail that made a good experience a truly transcendent one — let’s celebrate the cherries on top! I’m excited to get inspired by your photos.

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    1. I’ve been staring at your photo way longer then considered healthy and socially acceptable. Which is a clear sign of a few things: A) The photo is fantastic (theme also), B) I need to restore my blood sugar and spiritual equilibrium right now. And what better way to do it then eat something deliciously fluffy, sweet and colorful, C) I’ll just leave this here until I choose and share a proper response to this lovely task.

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