Beneath Your Feet

This week, look down and capture the ground beneath your feet.

Each Friday, we ask you to look through your lens in a different way. In the past, we’ve challenged you to get close. Gaze up. Peek out the window. Today, look down and document the world beneath your feet.


An exterior floor of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

Shooting tips & suggestions:

    • When photographing the ground, it helps to include something else in the frame to show context.
    • Capture an object on the floor, being mindful of the “Rule of Thirds.”
    • Include a person — or part of a person — to add movement and life to the shot.
    • If outside, use shadows to capture shapes and details on your surface.
    • Got an articulating (flip-out) screen on your camera? Try different angles for a dynamic composition.

Experiment with your angle: stand as you snap your picture, or get close to the floor. You don’t need to include your feet, as I’ve done in the photo above. Consider all kinds of settings and surfaces, from interesting textures and patterns to sidewalk or exhibition art. Think about the details you will include (and leave out) in your frame, too.

Browse the images in this Mesh* for more ideas:

Go on, show the world beneath your feet.

* Mesh is a new app that lets you create photo galleries and share them with a simple link that can be texted or posted anywhere and to anyone. The first version of Mesh is available as an iPhone app preview release and web version — try it out!

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