This week, share a photo of something that is dearly loved.

Recently, I came upon a folder full of pictures of my middle daughter from several years ago. In the photos, she is holding my old teddy bear, Theodore. Theodore is not pretty — he is over three decades old, missing both eyes and most of his fur. I have a vivid memory of lying in my mother’s lap, sobbing, while she replaced stuffing and sewed limbs back on after an unfortunate incident with our Cocker Spaniel puppy. For all of Theodore’s unsightliness, he was equally beloved, and was my constant companion.

Beloved baby, beloved bear. Photo by Jen H.

This photo unites my past and my present — my beloved daughter holding my most beloved friend from my childhood. In this week’s challenge, share with us something that is beloved. As always, we’re looking forward to seeing what you share.

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