This week, show us renewal.

A fern fiddlehead unfurls. Spring is here! Photo by Jen H.

“The ghostly winter silence had given way to the great Spring murmur of awakening life.” — Jack London

When I lived in South Carolina, fall was always my favorite season. It meant we were finally getting a reprieve from the relentlessly hot summers. I moved back to my native Ohio several years ago, and Spring has become my favorite season. For nature-lovers, there are few things more wonderful than the awakening of life after a cold, gray winter. Spring is a glorious green renewal.

A fern fiddlehead unfurls. Spring is here! Photo by Jen H.

This week, show us an image of an awakening. I’ve chosen a photo of a fiddlehead, the structure that rises from the ground, eventually to unfurl into the leaves of a fern. Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are headed into autumn, and your environment is preparing for a winter rest. Your interpretation doesn’t have to be botanical in nature. I’m eager to see what you all share.

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  1. Spring is my favorite season. Some prefer summer due to the warmth, but I’m not a big fan of wasps and biting things, so I’ll just stick to when the temperatures are perfect and the world is coming back to life.

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  2. This is beautiful! You have described it so vividly. Your picture speaks of new life and hope. What a wonderful post. First class – thank you! Very much enjoyed this.

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  4. Wow love your post! very heart warming! I’m a new blogger and would love for you to check out my blog, I hope you’ll love my post! I love yours by the way ❤ 🙂

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  5. What a lovely shot. I just read a book set in my native Cleveland, and one of my favorite parts says that in Cleveland there is no spring–only winter and wet-winter. Glad you have proof that wet-winter is finally waning!

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