This week, head to the top to take your best shot.

View of Hong Kong Island from atop Victoria Peak by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.

When I visited Hong Kong a few Decembers ago, I rode the tram up Victoria Peak, a mountain in the western half of Hong Kong Island. On that clear day, the view from the top of the peak — skyscrapers, mountains, Victoria Harbour, and all — was one of the most impressive cityscapes I’ve ever seen. For days, we’d explored the city’s alleyways and markets up close, at street level, so when we faced this view for the first time — expansive, overwhelming, yet incredibly calm — I saw a different side of Hong Kong.

adverb or adjective: on, to, or at the top

preposition: on top of

Experimenting with our point of view in a photograph allows us to establish a setting, tell a specific story, or rethink our own perspective. This week, consider your point of view as you respond to this challenge’s theme, “Atop.” If you’re physically on top of a thing or a place — a mountain, a skyscraper — what type of scene do you want to share in your frame? Consider, too, other interpretations of “Atop” — what does it mean or look like to be on top of a soapbox? A bestseller list? The world?

Show us your best image — we look forward to seeing everyone’s takes!

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  1. Although I’m afraid of heights, it doesn’t stop me from going to high places. It’s worth the risk considering the reward. Aside from the splendid view of surrounding areas, it can be an uplifting experience (no pun intended).

    Visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil most definitely fits the bill. It’s located 2,300 feet above sea level atop the Corcovado mountain and takes about 30 minutes to reach by train.


  2. Beautiful view – in South Africa this type of view is replicated from Table Mountain looking onto Cape Town. But we also have a Victoria peak and as I state in the post ” Although a few towns can be seen from the peak they are unlike Hong Kong, in the distant yonder. No the attraction of this peak is that you look down on other peaks!” It made sense for me to go to Victoria Peak – the South African version


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