Not to put too fine a point on it, though this week, we challenge you to show us what “angular” means to you.

Photo by Xiao Yu. All rights reserved.

After an existential crisis and a stint working as an apprentice brewer, Xiao Yu realized he rather enjoyed working with bits as long as there was a purpose. He now wrangles data at Automattic in hopes of making the internet a better & more democratic place. He still enjoys brewing beer and attempts to run up mountains in his spare time.

This photograph was taken in Vancouver, Canada, on a sunny day. I was in an area of the city populated by random high-rise buildings. I found that standing right under a high-rise — and looking directly up — made the view much more interesting.

Repeating patterns that once seemed boring aligned to form another shape with more depth. The high-rise completely grabbed my attention when viewed from this angle.


Photo by Xiao Yu. All rights reserved.

Photo by Xiao Yu. All rights reserved.

What does angular mean to you? It might mean the corner on which you live or the intersection of sea and sky at a 180 degree angle. Angular also offers a chance to shoot from an entirely new perspective: from above, below, or even from the margins of the fray. Above all, have fun!

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    1. Hi Sandra, the only thing I can think of that could be causing the problem is that you have a target reference set on your link. Pingbacks are super fussy! Try this, if you don’t mind giving it one last shot:

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      1. What do you mean by “the code we supply” Krista? Where is it? I tried doing what you suggested to Chris, taking out the target blank thing but that didn’t work. I don’t know where to find this ‘show instructions’ thing. Am I being dense?


      2. Click on the Photo Challenge. Scroll to the part in the page just before the list of pingbacks. I see 63 responses.

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      3. Hi Krista, I followed your guideline and copied the URL from the show instructions. But it does not solve the problem, it did not show up in the grid (link to post

        here are the links I use in my posts (I removed the target as you suggested with the second post but that did not help)

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        link used This week photo challenge is ‘angular‘. Another covered shopping mall in Autun

        I have this problem since two weeks, nothing did change and I do use your editor to create script. I cleared my cache today as well. Usually the link popped up straight away after reloading the theme page with the grit.

        I just give you this info hoping it may give the techs the info they need to find the source of the problem.


      4. Krista, I just notice that pingbacks that I usually get for links to my own pages (I linked the angular posts from each page) are not arriving anymore. Maybe this adds something for the techs?


    1. It looks as though your link to the challenge is malformed. Beneath where it says the number of responses, click on the link that says “Show Instructions.” Copy the code provided, and paste it into your post, then click on Update. With luck, it will appear.


      1. Hi Krista, just used the new link for a second time, updated and it’s still not showing.Does this have any connection with still using the old editing/writing page? On another theme, could we one day have a European WPC timed for us? It arrives here in Austria at about 6pm which is fine, but most of the responses and posts take place while we’re (well me) asleep!?????


      2. The time shouldn’t make any difference. Unfortunately, pingbacks fail for a variety of reasons. Next time, when you participate in the photo challenge, copy the code we supply for the pingback. To get the code, scroll down the photo challenge to where it says the number of responses. Below that number, there’s a paragraph of text. Click on the link that says “Show Instructions.” Copy the code we supply and paste it into your post in “Text View.” When you publish the post, the pingback should fire and appear on the list.


    1. For some reason mine isn’t pingbacking either — first time I’ve had problems. I redid with code under “instructions” and still nothing. ;-( Atmospheric conditions in cyber world may be haywire! Have a good weekend!


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