Against the Odds

An unexpected victory? A snapshot of an unlikely moment? This week, show us something that defies the odds.

My husband and I both love Scrabble, but we have very different styles of play: he knows all the two-letter words and the words that use “q” but not “u,” and I like to create words that amuse me, like “fart” and “elves.”

You can guess who usually wins.

That’s why this victory — a trouncing, if I may say so* — was so unexpected and satisfying, and required that I take a commemorative photo to share with all my friends on Instagram:


This week, share a photo that says “against the odds.” Maybe it’s a photo of an unlikely occurrence. Maybe it’s the photo itself that goes against the odds — a shot you never thought you’d get. Maybe it’s a photo of something you’re not sure you’ll be able to do.

Bonus points if you manage to get a photo of Phil Collins. Off you go!

* We get maybe a little too competitive at Scrabble.**

** Fine, I get too competitive at Scrabble, although not competitive enough to pass up an opportunity to spell “fart.”

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  1. Looks like an old Scrabble board Michelle, similar to the one I played on with my mom and sisters. Now we have the “Deluxe”plastic board with the square grids that hold the tiles in place. Congrats on the win!!!


  2. Gosh… this midweek arrival of the challenge had me there. I had to go retrieve the challenge from the bin… that’s how good this challenge is! It wanted to be seen… against the odds! 😉


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