This week, show us what afloat means to you.

Afloat over the Moroccan countryside. Photo by Krista. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

For me, the word afloat conjures images of boats and ducks, until I recall my adventure of a lifetime.

Two years ago, I had the chance to ride in a hot air balloon in Morocco. We got up well before dawn and drove for hours to a remote rural area nestled among dark green hills.

The captain invited us aboard, burners firing. Tethers released, we rose as if by magic and were suddenly afloat, drifting over the beautiful pink and orange pastel shades of the Moroccan countryside. Between intermittent burner bursts to maintain our altitude, all I could hear were birds calling to one another across the nearly silent morning. It was a wonderful and strange feeling; I was in awe, afloat over the earth, passing villages just beginning to stir and greet the day.

Afloat over the Moroccan countryside. Photo by Krista. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Afloat over the Moroccan countryside. Photo by Krista. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

How do you interpret the word afloat? It could be the expression on your son’s face as he jumps on the bed. Maybe it’s your daughter’s triumphant smile after tossing training wheels to master her two-wheeler. It could be a beautiful cloud formation, pollen on the breeze, or an errant birthday party balloon making its escape into the sky. So looking forward to seeing what afloat means to you.

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      1. Hi Krista! Breathtaking aerial shot of the Moroccan countryside! Here’s my entry, also an aerial shot:
        Photo by Myra Lambino, an aerial shot of the uphill trail on Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, that world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao runs every morning to prepare for the fight of the century with Floyd Mayweather, shot two days ago (i set it to music, too):

        To run the Manny Pacquiao uphill trail

        is to fight gravity and all the forces of nature

        To win the Manny Pacquiao trial

        is to be the greatest fighter of the world, fiercest Filipino warrior

        (pls click:

        Happy weekend!)

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    1. Ah, thanks! I really had a blast putting this together. I often brainstorm different words that could go with a photo — I always try to pick a word / theme that’s not immediately obvious.

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  1. afloat in the light of my lovers eyes is all I can think of because when he looks at me my breath stops and my body floats on the light of his soul… Namaste, Michelle


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