Show us someone or something you admire (and tell us about them, too)!

Attend any professional sporting event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, be it Goldeyes baseball, Winnipeg Blue Bomber football, or Winnipeg Jets hockey, and you’re sure to see super fan “Dancing Gabe” Langlois, cheering for the home team, playing air guitar, and dancing up a storm for the crowd between plays.

Gabe, who is autistic, is beloved in Winnipeg. He’s synonymous with community — a true local hero who volunteers his time to keep spirits high.

I was happy to capture this rare shot of him in repose, watching the Jets play and waiting for his chance to dance during their next break.


In your response, depict something or someone you admire. Bonus points if you share a paragraph or two on the source of your admiration.

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  1. Oh boy, I got chilly bumps ‘o’ love for your story of Dancing Gabe!! I love how you and your people took such loving pride in him and your photo was indeed differently perfect! In my town, when I was a 20 something I met a young man name Craig, perhaps twelve years old a sweet boy, obviously born with issues. Our town swarmed him, and continues to do so. Someone gave him a bicycle, and he rode all over our small city, “Helloooo People!!” And we all shouted to him.. “Hellooo, Craig!”and he would grin and ride on.
    Someone eventually stole his bicycle, so Craig decided to put aside “childish” things and for the last 20 years he has walked to and from his work. We always call out “Hellooo, Craig!” And now he’s grown up, and he still grins and waves and goes on about his business.
    Our Craig is a lesson in fortitude and tolerance, remains popular with his Little League Cheering, and remains an iconic part of our town. He makes everyone feel good and grateful to be in his presence.

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    1. He makes everyone feel good and grateful to be in his presence.

      Were it that we all had this affect on one another, eh? What a great story about Craig. Thank you for sharing it.



    To have been into the scariest of dungeons and to come out of it alive and laughing, without complaints or regrets is something I greatly admire in a close friend. An avid traveller, and having lost his left eye in an accident, he permanently jokes about seeing things with one eye what most of us with two eyes cannot…… the hem of a woman’s skirt coming off!!!!

    I too met with a horrible accident and landed up in excrutiating pain with nine broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. At that time I saw my pain in his eyes just for once. Then again for him it was party and silly jokes about my bones, my posture and my awkward way of sleeping( I couldn’t lie down straight and would bend forward on a pile of some eight pillows and pass the entire night in short naps).

    Yes, there are angels around us, whose contagious optimism and laughter brighten our spirits in ways more than one can imagine. I have pulled out of it…….thanks to you.

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