2017 Favorites

To celebrate the end of the year, share the most meaningful photo you’ve taken in 2017.

Our Photo Challenge will be on hiatus next week (12/27), but we look forward to seeing you again in the new year.

Welcome to the last Photo Challenge of 2017! Say what you will about the year that’s coming to a close in a few days, one thing we can all agree on is that you’ve shared thousands of incredible shots in response to our weekly challenges. We’re so thrilled to see, week after week, how supportive and full of talent this community is.

This week, we’re proposing something a little different to celebrate the end of the year. Instead of a specific theme or topic, we invite you to share your most meaningful photo from 2017. This isn’t necessarily the “best” photo you’ve taken this year — feel free to post your most technically accomplished photo of the year if you’d like, but we equally encourage you to think about other parameters.

From the photo that generated the most reactions on your blog to the one that has the deepest emotional pull on you, define “favorite” in whatever way works best for you. Your chosen image doesn’t have to be one you’ve already shared in a previous Photo Challenge. Anything goes, as long as it’s a photo from 2017. If you want to share several images, that’s fine too — a “best of 2017” gallery could be fun if you can’t settle on one photo.

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To get this party started, here are a few favorites from some of the past year’s Photo Challenge hosts.

Jen Hooks

There’s an in-joke among professional photographers with children: good photos of their own kids are nearly impossible to capture. Even though I’m no longer doing photography professionally, it is still very difficult for me to get a good shot of all three of my kids. I love this one for the vibrancy of the colors and for their expressions.

Jeff Golenski

It’s always important to take situations and experiences deeper than face value. Behind what you initially interpret in the world lies a different perspective. In this instance we can see the stars above from a different light than what many see when they look up at the night sky.

Shot Details: Single exposure. 1,211 seconds @ f/2.8, 18mm, ISO 200. Custom WB.

Krista Stevens

This beautiful visitor — and many others just like her — were flitting about the flower gardens around the Cinnamon Bear patio in Whistler, BC, this past September. The light in the photo takes me back to that lovely, warm afternoon and those couple of hours spent happily in the company of friends.

Ben Huberman

Most of the photos I share with friends and family involve my kids. Most of the photos I share here on The Daily Post focus on landscapes and cityscapes. But this photo — which I took at Los Angeles’ Disney Hall, minutes before the start of an incredible concert — is about anticipation, excitement, and those (very) rare moments of quiet where I don’t need to think about other people, my work, or the general state of the world. I hope to have more of those in 2018!

Happy holidays and happy new year from all of us at The Daily Post — see you in 2018!

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  1. Cool! I never need an invite to do galleries for the weekly challenges but as you so kindly insist… I’ll give you one!
    Thanks for a year of fun! We look forward to the next year of challenges! How about letting some of your regulars offer suggestions for the weekly challenge? More FUN!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all there at WP! 😉

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