Tucson Women’s Blogging Meetup

Calling bloggers in Tucson, Arizona.

How it works:

We offer basic information about blogging for self, community, business, family, and the world. Nancy works from a triple bottom line model that considers people, planet, and profit.

  • Ideally, we have one meeting a month (First Sunday) based on a presentation/seminar model.
  • There are also occasional (3rd or 4th Sunday) , informal, unstructured, let’s help each other solve our pressing tech, business, or networking challenges meetup. Not all months are scheduled in a way that allows for social meetings. If you want to have one and one is not scheduled, let me know!
  • We are starting a weekly Monday Morning co-working session sub-group too. Mainly it will be an opportunity to write, get the week started off productively, and check in per how we are doing and if we can help each other.

Organizer: Nancy Hill

Full Event Details

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