Bienvenue! This event is a chance for bloggers to share their favorite French quotes, poems, original compositions or songs (either in the original or translation) each week. It is also a way to share your favorite French photos, travel stories or French objects. Maybe you have a great French recipe or delicious wine you want to talk about. Share it with other lovers of France here!


Create a post on your own blog which includes your French piece (add your own images of France too if you can!) and simply paste the link for your post in the comment section at the end of the “French Friday” post on this blog each week. Put “French Friday” into the tags of your post so others can find it. If you would like to follow my blog you will get notifications each week of a new French Friday post. I will give a full list of participants each week so that you can enjoy all of the wonderful French posts out there!

Event Organizer: TJ Paris

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