One, Two, Three!

Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes.

Photo by theilr CC-BY SA 2.0

Earlier this year, we published a Discover interview with Jessica Gross about Thing We Like — a website that showcases lists of “favorite things.” Jessica turned her list-making obsession into a public project and an art installation at The New York Public Library.

An art print from Jessica Gross' Things We Like installation at The New York Public Library.

An art print from Jessica Gross’ Things We Like installation at The New York Public Library.

I’m not sure what I love more — making lists or crossing things off of them. There’s just something so appealing about creating order out of possibility’s infinite chaos, be it taking a family meal from vague idea to piping hot dishes on a festive table, or brainstorming songs I want to learn to play on the guitar. What struck me most in reading Jessica’s responses is the joy she relates — it reminds me of my own list-making love and the satisfaction I get from creating:

I am obsessed with making lists…I just got a lot of joy from it and figured other people would get joy from reading other people’s lists of things that they love in the world.

Today, in the spirit of list making, the challenge is to create in sets of three in the medium of your choice. Poets might try a few tercets, or perhaps its most accessible form — the haiku. Photographers and artists might consider working in triptychs to capture a subject in evolution or experimenting with the rule of thirds. Playwrights, how about a comedy or drama in three acts? Foodies, why not envision and prepare a three-course meal? Composers, how about a new piece in three-quarter time?

Not sure how to proceed? Try brainstorming a list of mediums you’d like to try and / or materials you’d like to work in. (Woodworking? Quilting? Knitting? Sewing?) This challenge is wide-open — the intent is to get you inspired to create in the medium you love best. Ready? Set? Go!

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  1. One, Two, Three!
    I have three obsessions indeed. The first is drawing, the second writing and the third texting. I havent lived up to the standard I should with my second obsession and this makes me sad.
    My third obsession however swallows up my other two obsessions. Makes me forget time and tide and due to this, I’m found wanting in my other two obsessions.


  2. Why are lists so important to some people? I know I find it hard to keep up with my day to day activities without a list or reminder of some sort.


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