Use a number to inspire and shape the format of your post.

Image by Andy Maguire (CC BY 2.0)

Verne’s post on Lisbon is a recent editor’s pick on Discover. Browse more recommended reads.

Verne, one of the writers behind the travel blog Jules Verne Times Two, recently published a lovely homage to Lisbon: a long post composed of 12 short accounts and 12 accompanying photographs, one for each of the 12 years he’s lived in Portugal’s capital. Each passage is introduced by a monthly popular saying from this year’s edition of Borda D’Água, an almanac on farming and agriculture.

I like the format of Verne’s post: it’s creative, thoughtful, and organized, as well as informative yet personal. And while this particular post is all about Verne’s life and perspective on Lisbon, the approach can be adapted for your own blog, regardless of topic.

For this challenge, pick a number that will inspire and shape the format of your post. Consider these ideas:

  • 1 dream, 1 photograph, 1 song
  • 2 stories, 2 characters, 2 endings
  • 3 children, 3 photographs, 3 memories
  • 4 seasons, 4 poems
  • 5 sketches, 5 colors
  • 6 favorite cities, 6 photographs
  • 7 (self-)portraits, 7 moods
  • 8 images, 8 captions
  • 9 favorite blogs, 9 links
  • 10 favorite posts from your blog, 10 reasons why

The number you choose can be random, or can be special and significant to you and help tell your story. Of course, you’re not limited to the ideas above. Also consider in what medium you prefer to express yourself, and the existing work in your archives that could be repurposed for this post.

We look forward to counting down (or tallying up) your submissions!

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  1. Oh my goodness! My weekend has just been hijacked 😳
    So many of the ideas you have suggested for this prompt hit the right nerve, plus I have two special numbers of my own – I best get busy! 🤓


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