Hope Gone Viral

Get inspired by blogger Amy Rawe to share inspiring acts of kindness before the year comes to a close.

If memes are any indication, 2016 has been an eventful year for everyone. Global politics have certainly kept us on our toes. The losses of many great cultural figures has reinforced our feelings of confusion and concern. Despite our collective dark humor, it’s important to note that every year has its ups and downs, the good and the bad.

In a recent Discover post, “An ‘Open Apology’ Gone Viral: Amy Rawe on Blogging, Community, and Dolly Parton,” blogger Amy Rawe discussed what made her feel compelled to write her apologetic letter to the famous singer.

I felt that after the divisiveness of the US election and the tragedy of the East Tennessee wildfires, I wanted to start speaking out more about acts of kindness and ways that our communities can come together.

Negativity bias is a real thing. While there is good reason to be concerned about the world at this moment in time, there’s also a lot to be hopeful for. Personally, I like to believe that the growing levels of concern and subsequent calls to action are a source of optimism, particularly in the face of so many difficult and distressing global concerns.

Using Rawe as your inspiration, take a moment to speak out about an act of kindness that you’ve come across recently. As the year comes to a close, find that glowing ember of hope that makes you excited for 2017. It can be something as personal as starting a new class or even a new blog, or something broader, like a burgeoning organization you’ve donated to or a story you saw about someone overcoming adversity.

Alternatively, never forget that your blog is your platform. Whether you have one reader or one million, it’s your voice that inspires others. As you think about what gives you hope, what acts of kindness from 2016 stand out for you, or what you want to take action on next year, don’t hesitate to share those suggestions with others.

I can’t imagine a more inspiring place to be, or a better way to support an amazing example of what it looks like to make the world a stronger place, starting with your own sweet community.

– From “An Open Apology to Dolly Parton”

Go make the world stronger.

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  1. I feel that this past year has been eye opening for many of us. It certainly made me much more aware about politics, and becoming more involved. It all started with the tragic shooting in Orlando this past June, when I started to become involved with reaching out. The aftermath of the election has me involved much more than ever. Been attending peace rallies, even read poetry at one. Also, getting involved with organizing events locally to support diversity. I feel that with all the bad that has happened this year, it gives opportunities for us to make these dark times brighter.

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  2. I loved this read! Even the smallest things matter and can truly excite you. I will continue and I hope others continue to spread their words of hope to others so they know they’re not alone.

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  3. Hope is what gives us the strength to carry on during hard times. Like a farmer when hope for good harvest, increases their labor for production. Hope is so amazing that it immediately cuts the problem in half.

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  4. Hope is when I, myself do something kind. Or if someone I know comes to church.
    But I do and someone does! Then I want the whole world to change. A little hope goes a long way. But many do need kindness and I bet we all do something. But still the need is great. Great is thy faithfulness Lord. Good reason to trust in the Lord. Good for Dolly Parton for doing so much. She has much. Good that we take care of our families. Give a loaf of bread to a beggar.

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    1. me too I lie for this…making people happy but sometimes I have no idea how


  5. I love this picture and I would say kids inspire. They teach me to just be and have patience and understanding with everyone. Even those who need it most.


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