Here and Now

Choose a moment and capture it in the medium of your choice.

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Have you ever noticed this about vacation — be it from school, work, or life in general — that the first couple of days pass slowly as you revel in newfound freedom, then suddenly it’s over and you’re ensconced in your regular routine? It can be so easy to lose track of the present — the very moment you’re experiencing right now.

Earlier this summer, Cheri Lucas Rowlands interviewed Indonesian blogger Hanny Kusumawati. As Hanny reflects on her writing, travel, and photography, she shares the origin behind Beradadisini, her blog’s unique name.

The name originates from Berada di sini. In Indonesian, di sini means “here” and berada in this context means “being available.” Together, they mean “being here.”

Check out Natalie Goldman’s rules for timed writing, the basic element of writing practice.

This week, we want you to choose a moment and capture it in the medium you love best. Your response might be a timed free write about how you’re feeling right now or a pen and ink sketch of the view from your seat. It might be street photography that documents a moment of your experience, or a poem that evokes today’s pervading emotion.

Looking forward to seeing how you interpret this challenge!

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  1. I feel identify with this post. I always tell people to be worry about what is happening RIGHT NOW, not in what can happen later. Enjoy this day like it was the last one. We never know what is waiting for us in the future, so why dont enjoy right now, and leave the worries for any other moments about the future.

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    1. Hello! We love it when readers share links to pieces they wrote in response to the challenge. Comments like this that invite people to visit your blog are off-topic and will be deleted in future. Thanks for understanding! Here’s a great primer on commenting etiquette that you might find helpful.


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  3. right on about the nfl tattoo s kneeling protest dancing i know i went 1 sunday not even watching one minute of nfl and had a great time play ball with kids in the park.


    1. Incomprehensible

      2016-09-21 11:19 GMT+01:00 The Daily Post :

      > Jon Stlouis commented: “right on about the nfl tattoo s kneeling protest > dancing i know i went 1 sunday not even watching one minute of nfl and had > a great time play ball with kids in the park.” >


  4. I apologize in advance for being out of topic, but since I haven’t been very active these couple of weeks, I was wondering what happened to the Community Pool?
    Thanks and apologies.


  5. Hi everyone. I am new to this but think I did it right. However, my post from earlier this week is still not showing. Anyone else having the same issue? Just checking. If I did it wrong, any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Samantha 🙂


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