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This week, consider your ideal version of a thing or experience — something made just for you.

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Last week, the team at Automattic, the company behind, launched, a new site publishing stories on design, technology, art, the web, and more.

The inaugural posts on touch on design and inclusion: building an open web that is accessible to all, creating products for the individual, using technology to empower a new generation, and considering design in a world of choice and customization.

The more that you are able to speak to people on their own individual level, to deliver them products that align with content that speaks to their own individual experience, the more that individual will take pride in and ownership of being a part of that community.

Cassidy Blackwell

Have you ever loved something so much, or experienced something so perfect, that you’ve felt it was designed just for you? 

Consider the design of everyday things that are meant to make an aspect of your life easier or better. Think of items you use and interact with regularly: your computer, your smartphone, your car, your wheelchair, your running shoes, your power drill, your coffee maker . . .

What do you love about that item? What would make it better?

Or consider experiences, like a concert or show where you felt the performers were addressing you directly, a birthday gift that really hit the mark, a 10-week course on a new hobby, a subway in a city you love . . .

What do you appreciate about this experience? What would you change?

For this challenge, tell us about a thing or experience that you feel is designed for you, or describe your ideal version of it. You can respond in any format. For example, sketch a comic or write flash fiction that recounts a time you’ve used a well-designed product; pen an open “thank you” letter to a company that understands your needs; or write a haiku expressing the beauty of a seamless experience.

We look forward to your many interpretations of this challenge!

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