Choose your own, then render it in your favorite medium.

I love the word adventure: not only is it filthy with possibility, it’s imbued with the notion that whatever I choose to do and discover, surprise awaits.

In a recent Discover feature, we profiled serial adventurer Drew Robinson who tackles hiking trails at home and abroad. He recalls walking the Camino de Santiago and the influence it had on him. His words gave me pause, emphasis mine:

That pilgrimage changed me in the most beautiful way. Walking 20 miles a day for a month really gives the mind the freedom it needs to contemplate what’s important.

The wonderful thing about adventure is the sheer range of options: there’s no need to leave home (or even your chair!) to have an adventure if you write, paint, sculpt, draw, compose, or take photographs. Every creative endeavor is an adventure of its own with the chance to change us “in the most beautiful way.”

This challenge is wide-open to interpretation for writers, photographers, artists, and composers. Render an adventure — real or imaginary — in your chosen medium, tell us what adventure means to you, or share the adventure(s) you dream of having.

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  1. Once I tried to explain to someone how writing allowed me to have adventures that I could never try (or want to try in some cases). They looked at me like I had lost my mind. Some people just can’t get past living only in “reality” not creating a reality.

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  2. Reading, writing and painting are a few of my favorite ways to drift off to other lands, other times and other worlds. I try to do this as often as I can because it adds so much beauty and pleasure to my life.

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  3. I love writing because it lets me create my own adventure whereas reading and movies make me a part of someone else’s. Any type of adventure is my favorite type.

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  4. I would like to finally start Writing again. I have put off sitting down just to write. And so creating a page and being on WordPress is a big step for me. Stumbling upon this article is very timely!

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  5. An imagination is no less than an adventure; when we are able to write it, express it, we become the adventure, because people get drawn to us. If we speak it out loud, it becomes “not-so-interesting”and many a time, unbelievable. Writing is bringing everything to life, bringing the dry eyes to tears 🙂

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  6. Adventure to me to roaming the streets of New York and Barcelona. Relaxing and capturing the view of the beaches IN Sri Lanka, surfing at the famous Arugam Bay, while taking trips to capture the unique wildlife, from elephants and leopards to buffalo and birds as well as taking boat trips, spotting dolphins and whales. Capturing every moment as it goes by.

    Fantastic read!!

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  7. As much as i wouldn’t mind climbing mountains and exploring forests, I love writing, it takes me to places i have never been in.

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  8. Walking is the name of the game for me love the challenges – and building up as I go – so far only have WHW, WIW and RRW under my belt but more to come – first attempt at a solo hike is a calling – my dream whether it will ever happen or not is first the Camino, then AT in the states 🙂 they are my big adventures calling 🙂

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  9. This is brilliant post i couldnt agree more with this thought. I live by this thought. Not that i i dont like adventurous, but its exactly abou bringing out the bestb in you. And what better than openingg the doors of your mind, heart and soul to creativity. 🙂


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