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This week’s challenge brings out the positive: tell us about a piece of advice you’ve received — and would like to share with others.

At I Am Pam, Pam Holland publishes a delightful mix of travel stories, photography, and art. I’m generally drawn to longer posts — whether a piece of writing, a photo essay, or a collection of artwork — but I appreciate Pam’s short posts, which read like bursts of advice (“stand beside those who have talent”) and inspiration (“how do you get there”). In the latter post, which I selected as an editor’s pick on Discover, she encourages us to keep going:

Just keep on with it.
Keep on going as far as you can.
That’s how you get there.

— Excerpt from “How do you get there

Art courtesy of Pam Holland.

Pam’s succinct, sweet, and motivating message makes me smile — it’s refreshing to read amidst all the serious reads and sad headlines I’ve seen lately. So for this Discover Challenge, let’s keep it both simple and positive. What’s one piece of great advice you’ve read recently? Or what’s the best bit of wisdom you’ve ever received? 

We invite you to respond in your preferred format: prose, poetry, art, photography, video, audio, or something else. You might tell us about the person who passed on this pearl of wisdom, or about the way in which it has helped you. Or perhaps you’d like to impart your own advice to your readers. We encourage you to interpret the challenge as you see fit — the goal, really, is to inspire each other this week.

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  1. Thanks for the post! Henry Ford’s “Whether you think you can, or can’t – you’re usually right” is a well known but powerful one that’s motivated me.

    Also, the simple “you only lose if you give up” saying has been helpful. Always making progress towards a goal leads to self discovery and better self awareness. Either the goal will be reached, or a better opportunity will present itself. #DiscoverWP

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  2. A gift handed to me this morning (so sorry that I don’t have the full attribution, but the artist Goya is in there): “Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels.”

    Then there is always the famous: “Better to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission” interpreted by myself to turn into “If I’m not getting my hand slapped once a week, I’m not doing my job.” (From years in the trenches of corporate marketing…)

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      1. Thanks, Louise.

        Just a note: the best way to respond to this prompt is responding in a new post on your own blog, rather than here in a comment. Then, you can tag the post with #DiscoverWP so it appears on the tag page. (Tagging your comment won’t display the comment on the tag page.)

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  3. I’ve heard lots of great advice about avoiding an ex machina in writing. But nobody ever says how to fix one. So I decided to write a post explaining how.


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  4. I’ve had a hard time fighting with myself, switching my negative thinking into positive. Not always did I manage to succeed. It took time and effort, and sometimes I feel tired and negative feelings prevail, but since I like to read a lot, I am selecting the ones that motivate and inspire me, my loyal counselors and advisors 🙂


    From time to time I get to this one and read it, I hope that those who read it too, find some good vibes in it 🙂

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  5. To do your research when blogging and with anything. My blog is all about essential oils and when I was starting up my blog the first thing I was told was ” before you share advice with others make sure it is true, make sure it works and make sure that you have put the advice to the test”

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  6. With a few bad days behind me, I came across this today and I can’t get it out of my head: FALLING DOWN ISN’T A CHOICE. BUT STAYING DOWN IS.
    So people, let’s get up! #DiscoverWP


  7. Once I asked my mother,”Why don’t you advice me as other mothers do to their kids?”
    My mother replied,”My love it is just that any piece of advice is useless unless accompanied by bundle of experience.You will only know the value of my advice when you will experience a situation without it!”

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  8. Never over think things. You don’t have an obligation to solve all the problems that exist in this world, and you don’t have the time either. Being profound and introspective is good, but you need self-control.
    Realize that worrying accomplishes nothing and in the time you worry you can do things that are actually important to you.
    Never doubt yourself and never become engrossed in trivial thoughts, because at the end of the day, “we are all just itty bitty people with itty bitty minds in an itty bitty world in an itty bitty universe” D-trix.

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  9. I run an advice blog, dearenglishfriend.wordpress.com, and I’ve had a lot of experience giving advice, but the most recent time was when someone asked me what to do about her boyfriend who smokes and won’t quit


  10. An amazing post which reminded me of the values I follow everyday .
    “If my mind can conceive it ,and my heart can believe it then I can achieve it” by Muhammed Ali is the quote which I make sure that I repeat it to myself .
    This quote is quite powerful as it helps me take the responsibility for my success .


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  11. I liked the Hod do you get there; so many times when I sat back to take a rest from where I was trying to get I didn’t get back up. You are so right when you say keep going, if you don’t get back up you will never move on.


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