Writing: Shaping Your Story

Look at your writing with an editor's eye.

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We’ll help you…

…find your angle.

…write compelling introductions.

…identify your key moments.

…craft scenes around them.

Roald Dahl once said that “good writing is essentially rewriting,” and here at The Daily Post, we agree. Writing: Shaping Your Story is a course on the art of revision: four weeks dedicated to self-editing and rewriting, looking at our work with a magnifying glass, and improving it.

Over four weeks, we’ll explore four elements of focusing and building a story, whether fiction or nonfiction. Dive into our guidance at your own pace — absorb it all in one day, or tackle parts of it throughout the week. There are no assignments,  but we’ll present a series of questions to reflect on and exercises to try.

You experiment with these techniques in your posts, and you decide how much time and effort you’d like to spend each day. What you actually publish, and how much, is up to you. Ultimately, the goal is to learn to read your writing with an editor’s eye, and to improve one or multiple posts in your archives.