Photography: Fundamentals

A photo-a-day introductory course.

This course is no longer active — visit the Blogging U. home page to explore and register for currently-available courses, and get started today!


  • Home (Getting Oriented)
  • Street (Establishing Shots)
  • Water (Orientation)
  • Bliss (Captions)
  • Solitude (Rule of Thirds)
  • Connect (Tagging)
  • Big (Point of View)
  • Nature (Leading Lines)
  • Warmth (Light Quality)
  • Mystery (Lighting Effects)
  • Pop (Accent Colors)
  • Architecture (Monochrome)
  • Moment (Capturing Motion)
  • Scale (Details)
  • Landscape (Cropping)
  • Treasure (Zooming)
  • Glass (Reflections)
  • Edge (Alignment)
  • Double (Rotation)
  • Triumph (Contrast)

Photography 101 is a photo-a-day challenge. You’ll publish new posts, make new friends, and hone your photographer’s eye.

Join us for a four-week, intro-level photography course. It’s open to all, from new bloggers to hobbyist photographers to pro-shooters, and you can use any camera you like: a phone, a point-and-shoot, or a dSLR.

Thanks for a great course! It forced me to open my eyes to particular themes, ideas, angles, and colours, but also made me reflect on what it is that I love about taking photos.
– Musings of Another World

Each weekday, we’ll give you a new photography theme to inspire your image for the day, along with a related photography tip — we might share advice on composition, tips on working with different light sources, or image editing ideas. Weekends are free, although we’ll share a few ideas each weekend to help you deepen your craft.