Blogging: Intermediate Customization

An in-depth look at free customization tools.

This course is no longer active — visit the Blogging U. home page to explore and register for currently-available courses, and get started today!


  • Finding Theme Details
  • Headers and Titles
  • Custom Headers
  • Backgrounds
  • Selecting Widgets
  • Custom Widgets
  • Widget Visibility
  • Basic HTML

This two-week course takes you in-depth into the free customization options available to bloggers, so you can create a blog that perfectly reflects your personality and focus.

We’ll look at how to find and understand all the details of your theme, so you can make the most of them. Then, we’ll delve into how headers and titles are displayed, and share free ways that any blogger can create a totally unique custom header. You’ll learn how to coordinate and change your background and how to work with widgets, including creating custom widgets and using widget visibility to control exactly which widgets appear where. We’ll wrap up by learning some basic HTML, which gives you even finer control over the ways posts, pages, and widgets appear.

Note: this course focuses on free customizations options only — no upgrades are required to use any of the tools or features we’ll cover. Instructions are geared to bloggers, although much of the information on custom headers, widgets, and HTML will apply equally well for self-hosted bloggers.