Writing 201: Poetry Potluck

Forget brunch. This weekend, let’s share our favorite poems with each other.

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Yes, it’s Saturday. And yes, there will be no new assignment today (though everyone’s obviously free to write as much as they want). That doesn’t mean you’re totally off the hook, though.*

Developing one’s poetic chops is as much about reading poetry as it is about writing it. When you discover new poets and dive back into works you already love you deepen your memory, train your ear, and expand your horizons (and your vocabulary!). You also often get jealous, which is rarely a bad thing when it comes to writing.

So: this weekend, share with us a poem that you love (by someone who isn’t you, please). You can quote a particularly striking line (or two) in a new message in the Commons, or drop a link to the whole piece. Most importantly: tell us, in a sentence or two, what about it moves you.

Happy weekending!

* You get a free quill sharpener if you noticed the metaphor here.

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