Writing 101: Serially Lost

Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series.

Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn't currently active, but you can learn more about what we offer and register for upcoming courses on the BU home page.

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

This doesn’t need to be a depressing exercise; you can write about that time you lost the three-legged race at a picnic. What’s important is reflecting on this experience and what it meant for you — how it felt, why it happened, and what changed because of it.

Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

Our blogs are often made of standalone posts, but using them to take readers on longer journeys is an immersive experience for them — and you. It allows you to think bigger and go deeper into an idea, while using a hook that keeps readers coming back.

A series can take many forms:

We also have advice that might help. If you decide to go serial, we’ve got days scheduled later in Writing 101 for parts two and three, so don’t worry about writing everything now or having to shoehorn the other posts in.

You only need to write the first post in the series today — we’ll let you know when it’s time for the next installment.

Looking for feedback on your new trilogy? Head to The Commons.

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      1. Thank you for the feedback…it’s very much appreciated. I’ll give that a try on a future revision. I think you might be right. Time to experiment a bit.

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  1. Does losing your identity ever get easier? Life is a wild ride I think that we can all agree. Imagine waking up one day and never being yourself again. This happens to people all the time. It does not matter if your fat, thin, pretty, short or tall. Loss of identity does not discriminate. Who is this thief that has the capabilities to sneak in and take away someone’s identity? The thief wears several disguises. Missing myself, more information to come on later blog posts.

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    1. I was scrolling through the comments and my eye caught this one- I can really relate! I just spent a semester abroad and figured a lot of things out about myself, but also lost a lot of who I thought I was as well, so this short piece really spoke to me =)


    1. I’ve got so many questions. I want to know where this is headed. More! More! More! I enjoyed reading. Simple and sweet. I have to agree, it felt a little rushed at the end. I struggle with endings myself. Watch your verb tense agreement: ” … that if I got off the train, I won’t be allowed back on.” Change won’t to wouldn’t. Thanks for sharing. I’m ready for more:)


    1. Since registration is now closed, we’ve also closed access to the Commons. We have an active commenting community here too, though, and open a post called the “Community Pool” each Monday for folks seeking feedback, so you still have opportunities to connect.

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      1. We’ll see! I post to my blog 2 times a week. I have it cued up for Sunday. I personally like it…that’s the part that counts right 🙂 I write a blog for genealogists and storytellers who want to learn how to write the oral history of family to go along with all the paper and documents research. To me it’s always fun (or agonizing) to watch the likes and comments when I present a new post. These challenges are fun because they give my creative juices a good workout without my followers saying…”hey–what the heck is she writing about ‘that’ for? We’re here for our usual!”


    1. 1. I like that you have ZERO cats!
      2. There’s got to be something deeper to that dream…what are you ignoring? What do you keep ignoring? WHY?
      3. Great set up for a part ll and lll — Very clever!