Photography 101, Weekend One: Experiment with Composition

We’ve learned framing and composition techniques this week. Let’s apply them!

Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

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Hello, weekend!

It’s time to take a break from our daily photography themes, so enjoy your days off. Use the weekend to catch up, tackle themes for which you didn’t have photos, or practice techniques you’ve learned from others. Here are a few ideas:

  • Capture some establishing wide-angle shots. They don’t have to be street scenes — take pictures of anything you want! Remember to consider your background and foreground.
  • As you frame your shots, compare horizontal and vertical versions of the same scene.
  • Use the Rule of Thirds grid — in your viewfinder, on your screen, or in your mind — to place your subject(s) within your frame. Does your shot look better as a landscape with your subject at the top left? A vertical shot with the subject at the bottom right? Or something else?

Snap away. Take test shots. Experiment.

After your shoot, look at all of your images and select some favorites. Upload them to your blog’s Media Library and create a gallery post to show off your shots. If this is your first time creating a gallery with multiple images, follow these steps:

  • As you’re creating a new post, click Add Media.
  • Upload or drag your selected images into your Media Library.
  • Click Create Gallery.
  • Click on the images you’d like to add to this gallery — the selected ones will have checkmarks.

create gallery

  • Click Create a new gallery.
  • On the Edit Gallery screen, add a caption to each image (as well as other fields, if you’d like). You can also choose the Type of gallery in the dropdown menu: Thumbnail Grid, Tiled Mosaic, Square Tiles, Circles, and Slideshow.

edit gallery

  • Click Insert gallery, and voilà — you’ve inserted your gallery into your post draft.
  • Prepare the rest of your post as usual, and publish!

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