Photography 101, Weekend Four: Get Out and Explore

You’ve reached the end — congratulations! Here are some final project and post ideas as we wrap up this photography course.

Image by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

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Hooray! You made it.

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(Virtual) high-fives all around! Congratulations on finishing Photography 101 — we’re so happy you joined us for this photo-a-day journey this month, and hope that these daily themes and tips inspired you in some way.

Feel free to sit back and take it easy this weekend. But if you’re itching for a bit more, consider these projects and post ideas as we wrap up the course:

  • Browse your collection of shots from the course, select up to ten favorites, and publish a wrap-up post with a gallery.
  • Look through your shots to see which topics and tips you enjoyed the most. Did you take a lot of establishing shots? Close ups? Abstract images? Great color shots? Compile and share your favorites in a post.
  • Pick one element we covered during the course, then head out with your camera to practice: composition, light, movement, color, or something else of your choosing.
  • Revisit the themes. Are there any themes you’d like to try again? What would you do differently? What have you learned?

Thank you for joining us this month!

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