Blogging 101, Day Three: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

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When you first thought about blogging, you had a post idea; something you wanted to say, a photo to share, a story on the tip of your brain. Maybe you just wanted to cultivate a writing habit — but you probably had an idea for a post, no matter how nascent. Today, you’ll write it.

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.


  • Because it’s an idea you were passionate enough about that it motivated you to become a blogger — there’s something to that.
  • Because you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership for following through on the idea, the blog, and the post — and that will make you a more confident blogger.

Open a new post, and let the ideas flow from brain to fingers to keyboard to screen. Spew it out without worrying how it sounds, then review your ideas and give them more shape.

You don’t have to publish this post if you don’t want to. Maybe your ideas about blogging have already changed and you plan to focus your posts elsewhere, or maybe you’re not quite ready to share Your Big Idea with the world just yet. That’s okay — save the post as a draft, and hang on to it. Revisit it at the end of the month, and see how it feels then.

Don’t have an idea, or you began blogging simply to have a place to practice writing? Great, do that: publish a post that responds to today’s writing prompt. Feeling less-than-confident about your idea? Take a look at our post on breaking down your internal critic.

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  1. When I first started blogging, I attempted to do a travel/experiences blog – basically a lifestyle blog centered around experiencing day to day life with a bit of travel speckled throughout. Well, it didn’t last long because I’m not able to travel a lot! It started out as Ladytopia but as I’ve transitioned into wanting to live a healthier, more conscious lifestyle I changed the name to Ladytopia Wellness and am focusing on writing about conscious living and alternative wellness. This was my first post that started me on my journey – – things have changed but I’d like feedback on the focus of my current blog and the direction it’s going –


  2. This was my very first post (we only started our blog a month ago). I really just wanted to get something on paper and published to make sure Andrea still wanted me to do this thing with her. After that I spent a lot of time trying to remember all the of the crazy stories my friends love to hear.


    1. Hello, Chelle: Frankly your blog’s theme and its header are so different from mine that they commanded my attention before I let my eye drift down to your words. I like the header and the simple and crisp design elements. But having your headlines appear beside your copy and in red distracts me; it’ll take some getting used to. I urge you to have the tags show in a less dramatic & urgent color than red. That demands my attention. I don’t know if that’s what you want. I would provide another critique, but I suspect that these, above, are enough.


      1. Thanks Will. The tags were only an experiment. I’m still getting used to the red too. Before I only used black and grey. In terms of your menu, I guess you have to play around with your customize settings. Its a shame we are so limited.


    2. Hello, I liked your post and thought your site has a really clean look. I think your tagline could be simplified a little. But I enjoyed it.


    1. Dear, Kat:

      From a design perspective, however simple it is a white background suits your blog. That written, I recommend that you experiment with alternative colors and textures. I urge that you consider how you want the background color and header to represent you and the subjects you’ll write about. I see no unifying aesthetic.

      Your latest post piques my interest, stirring my curiosity. It was reasonably cogent. That’s a good beginning.

      Please critique my blog: My third assignment is truly on the Who’s Will page.


  3. This assignment motivated me to go back and completely rewrite my first blog post with a firmer mission in mind. Thanks for that.

    I’m trying to write a blog about genealogy that would appeal to people who aren’t very interested in it or don’t know much about it. Would love some feedback on what I’m doing right and what I could improve on. Thanks in advance, friends.


  4. I’ve only just figured out how to see THIS page! For some reason my iPad clasified it as ‘restricted ‘ so it never loaded anything till I hit the over-ride button.
    How do I catch up the last few days?


  5. The post I’m linking to is actually the post that has been my most trafficked item since I started MouseBoss.

    Obviously I have a passion for Disney. I have been displaying the photo in this post in my office for years. Everyone asks how I made it happen. From there conversations really devolve into Disney trip planning.

    So far this post has been read over 1000 times and shared on Facebook countless others. It helped grow my FB page from 100 to nearly 420.

    This is THE post that got me to share my passion for all things Disney. I hope you enjoy it.