Blogging 101, Day Nineteen: Try a New Posting Style

Today’s assignment: build your storyteller’s toolbox by publishing a post in another format or a style you’ve never used before.

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When we think of a blog post, many of us think of a few paragraphs of text. A blog post can be anything, though: a quote, a small gallery of photos, a song or video, some brief text, or any combination.

Today’s assignment: build your storyteller’s toolbox by publishing a post in another format or a style you’ve never used before.


  • Because understanding the breadth of tools available to you as a blogger helps you figure out how to tell your story more effectively.
  • Because adding variety to your blog keeps readers (and you!) interested to see what will come next, and adds visual interest.

On Day Six, when you wrote to your Dream Reader, we loved seeing you explore new ways to express yourselves, from photos to poetry to Q&As. Now, let’s continue to push the boundaries to see what we can learn by trying a new post format or another new style.

Not sure if your theme supports Post Formats? Here’s a complete list of themes that support Post Formats.

Some of you are using themes that support Post Formats. Post Formats are a way to display different types of posts — text, images, galleries, videos, quotes, links, audio, chat, status, and short snippets called “asides” — with unique formatting to add fun, distinguishing touches. It doesn’t require any coding or graphic design expertise. Your theme does all the work based on the format you choose.

Depending on your theme, a post format might be obvious and bold, or just have a subtle touch or two. For examples of how different themes interpret Post Formats, take a peek at how they display in the Elemin, Writr, Twenty Thirteen, and Flounder themes.

If you’ve never used Post Formats before, this explanation will tell you everything you need to know.

Although choosing a Post Format will add its design to your post, it doesn’t limit your content — you can put text in an image post, an audio embed in a quote, or a gallery with your status.

If your theme doesn’t support Post Formats or you’d rather not use them, write a post in a new-to-you style.

  • If you normally post longer pieces, try a one-sentence aside, or embed a video with a short comment.
  • If you’re a photoblogger, post a link or embed an audio file, or try simply writing a story to accompany your photo and give it more context.
  • If you normally post shorter musings, try something longer form, or try putting together a photo essay.

The more communication tools you’re comfortable with, the more ways you have to get your point across.

You can also interpret this assignment more broadly, and just try something new. Write a poem. Try some short fiction. Give phoneography a try. Post something that’s outside your usual posting M.O. — it’s a great way to stretch yourself as a blogger and generate new ideas.

We look forward to seeing you shake things up today! If you’re unsure, find support in The Commons.


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  1. Lists seem to be the rage right now, and despite telling myself how I can’t not to jump on the bandwagon, I did, and my past few posts all have been lists, unfortunately. However tho, I did pure column-type humor pieces before that, and here’s one of them about how unpunctual teachers screwed my life. It’ll be great if ya’ll checked it out for me 🙂 I’m sure that whatever your age is, your memories of high school will always remain intact.

    Take care guys! Link your articles below as well (and tag #zerotohero), love to check it out!


      1. Hahaha it just so happens that I live in Singapore and between the times of 10pm to 10.30pm, I’m the most free. If I don’t comment early I doubt I will have the time to later on haha!


    1. Really enjoyed it. Hahaha, agree with others. You are always the first one, maybe Michelle is sending you these assignments two hours earlier. 😛 Jokes apart, a great read and quite funny.


  2. Good advice.

    I’d been “blogging” for a couple of years but couldn’t find any kind of rhythm…. Lots of ideas but that’s about as far as I ever got.

    Then it occurred to me that, because my interests are very diverse and I was in the habit of pigeon-holing them, I needed to de-clutter my thought process and become more spontaneous.

    I’ve overcome the problem by mixing up short posts, re-blogs, phot0graphs and Twitterfeed. My output has certainly improved in terms of quantity, if not quality.

    I just concentrate now on getting it out there and then use categories and tags to give some kind of structure.

    Any feedback on my work is welcomed


    1. I liked your piece. I must admit I mostly give up on twitter – because of the bombardment factor so sympathise with your room 101. For me, your ending was good but a little abrupt, I scrolled down to see if there was any more – so you may want to think about that.


  3. I have some posts that have photos and brief captions, as well as posts that use the standard format. You can check them out on: although I’ll definitely try a new writing style!:-)


    1. I enjoyed looking at your tea experience. Did you know tea is the most consumed liquid in the world next to water? 🙂


  4. I use my blog for mainly poetry and the odd sort story. I have one of two ideas in mind: 1) Try a new poetic form, or 2) Make a post explaining how to conduct a certain style of poetry. (Maybe I could even turn it into a new catagory on my page.. Like a writing tips page). What do you guys think? Lets have a vote maybe? Include ideas if you like 🙂



    1. I like the How To post you went with. I didn’t look at the time stamp so I’m assuming it was after you posted here. I learned something new today!


      1. it was after this post. I was thinking about the interest of readers and search traffic when i went with the decision. I figure i already have a wide range of style to my posts so i decided to go with a whole new dimension. I think I might make this an occasional post style. Rather than just always posting my own stuff, try to inspire people to write their own. 🙂


    1. I love long, wordy posts, but there is something powerful about one sentenced posts that allows the reader to use their imagination :).


    2. I think that was a great choice of choosing a small post. I myself write long posts. I think it takes a great skill to write long posts. I am trying to get better at them. The only thing I changed about mine was included a live example in one of my posts by doing an experiment. Its called the salt experiment.
      Your post was quite short about pin interest. It was very simple.

      Thanks for sharing:)


  5. I have to think about this.. not sure what I haven’t tried yet… I posted the video last time we were supposed to try this.. ok – putting my thinking cap on.


    1. Learnt a bit about you. Woah would love to see that picture when you dyed your hair with all rainbow colors.
      I did a different post – Its called “The Salt Experiment” on my blog. I interested you can have a look. 🙂


  6. That seems to be some pretty fancy advice. I fear that it would be fairly difficult to apply to my own blogging exploits, as my entire blog is built around one continuous story about a man’s quest to discover the true meaning of feelings; although this was a neat reminder to try to experiment as much as possible within the constraints I’ve laid around my writing; although I’ve still gotten an aversion to breaking the boundaries I set to define my work.

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  7. My blogging style tends to be more about the text but I decided to try a few more images this time and separate it into sections, I was happy with the results, it let me explain myself more effectively and I prefer the new style. Check out my blog 🙂


  8. Alright! I tried it- I usually have an eclectic posting mix- long, thought-out pieces, photos I’ve taken, poem bits, re-blogs, one-liners, etc… Just now, I did a free-write, no edits without anything in mind to write about before I started writing. I love what came out! And it was really freeing to write without worrying about editing out anything or keeping a focus. Let me know what you think!


    1. What an excellent post. It was so involving that you wont even get critics to even try and look for any grammatical errors. Good to know you have learnt such an important lesson in life. Many people dont even get a chance to think about it as they are so focused on looking at themselves from other peoples eyes. 🙂


      1. yes! which may be tricky in the beginning as we may not even know what our own dreams are. thanks for your reflection ❤


  9. My blogposts are usually longish, and a mix of pictures and text (I think I’m pretending to be a webcomic). I decided to give the list-format a go, but just had to end a drawing at the end of it. The following blog-post details why I am terrified of my novel, and *warning* may or may not involve unadulterated sheer sexiness. And stick figures. Sexy stick figures.
    Like I said, you have been warned.


      1. Thank you! 😀 His name is Steve, and he wears a bowler hat because he understand the importance of accessorizing. Steve is the patron saint of people who don’t like it when I make changes to the blog: when you’re upset with me for changing the theme, look to Steve, and feel all your troubles rush away. Because unicorns can do that,


  10. I used the Aside format and made this post short and sweet. Let me know what you think, if you ever have had or heard of this, and if you braved the images. Thanks


  11. Hi my blogging friends,

    Today’s challenge is quite interesting and fun. So far I have posted few posts and one of them is different than all the rest.

    Usually my posts are based on research, comparisons and examples. This particular post that I wanted to share with you guys was an experiment conducted by me at home. This post was published in conjunction of research conducted by me and the experiment conducted in favor of the post.

    This is my best work so far and I know it deserves some attention.




  12. This is the style that calls to me here in this NEW world of bloggers: Help me understand how you all got so technology savvy, while I am still left behind in the Dinosaur ages. Namely, how to comment, reply, read what I have contributed, and where these all are located? I can’t even find my own stuff.


  13. Hi, not sure I have done this correctly but when I pressed New Post it gave me the option of doing a video so I clicked that. Still not sure how to embed a video in the text of my post so if anyone can help me out on that I would be grateful. I don’t know if my theme – Traveler – supports post formats so I need to investigate further.

    Anyway here is my video which is a great message re social media.