Blogging 101, Day Nine: Inspire Yourself

Today’s assignment: write a post inspired by your About page or widget.

Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn't currently active, but you can learn more about what we offer and register for upcoming courses on the BU home page.

Yesterday, you honed your own story. You probably tossed around lots of ideas while doing that; some made into into your page and widget, and some were discarded.

Today, put your writing caps back on, take one of those ideas, and turn it into a new post.

Today’s assignment: write a post inspired by your About page or widget.

Why do this?

  • Because your About page is just the beginning of your story — your posts complete the tale.
  • Because post ideas that come from your About page will speak to the key themes of your blog: useful for your readers, and useful for you in shaping your site.

Even if your About page is just a few important facts about you, there’s an idea that came out of it. Think about a fact you decided not to include. The particular words you chose to describe yourself. The goals you laid out for your blog. A realization you had while writing it. A vision of what your fully fleshed-out blog will be like.

Those are all rich places for inspiration, and writing about any of them will help you continue focusing your blog and introducing new readers to who you are and what you want to accomplish. Not sure where to start, or how this is different from Day One? Here are a few ways to tackle it:

  • What are the key pieces of your story you included in the About widget? Why did you make those the focus, instead of all the other wonderful things about you and your blog?
  • Are there topics you don’t ever want to write about? Why not? What fact was hardest to leave off your About page or widget?
  • What are the top three things you’d like to learn, or ways you’d like to grow, from blogging? The top three people you’d like to connect with?

The goal of today’s assignment is for you to continue developing the focus for your blog while building naturally on the posts and pages you’ve already published.

In your post, be sure to include a link to your newly-minted About page; you might also want to link to the post from the About page, to help readers connect the dots. If you haven’t created a link yet, here’s how. As always remember to tag your post with “zerotohero” to make it easy for everyone to find. If you’re still unsure about tagging, here are the basics.

If this seems like an easier day, that’s because it is. There’s a lot to absorb from the first week, and tomorrow we dive into the wonderful world of widgets. Use today to take a break from customizing and promoting, and focus back on why you’re here in the first place.

If you’d like to spend more time on Blogging U., take the time to read other participants’ posts and leave comments on their blogs. And as always, The Commons is open.

Editor’s Note: Want to let people know that you’re dedicated to better blogging? Add a little bling to your sidebar with a Blogging U. badge:

class-seal_Seal Class of April 2014

To add a badge that links to Blogging 101, copy all the code below and paste it into a text widget:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Blogging U." width="300" height="241" /></a>
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  1. Been there, done it… I have a Connect page that lists my social media and describes how I use them.I think the article doesn’t mention that you’ll want to put social media buttons in your blog’s sidebar or footer. I use widget for this purpose and it not only looks good but also brings traffic to the other media 😉


  2. Waddup guys again! I will love to hear more from you guys about your stories and life. Link them to this comment after you’re done and I’ll take a look. Take care!


    1. I’m so hooked! I just read all of your posts 🙂 About the Archives for April, it only shows so many posts, so you’ll notice that when you scroll to the bottom of April’s archives, there is an arrow on the left side of the screen that will take you to page 2 of April’s archives.


  3. I write a few sentences about me in one of my blog page. Just talking about the names, professions, likes and blog list. I think that’s enough. but after reading your article, I plan to write more things about myself. There is still another interesting side to tell the readers of the blog in .. And I hope this can broaden my blog readers. Thank you for the good advice.


  4. Hello,
    I am very late in starting…I apologize but had many things hitting me at once so I was delayed in the start. I am just going to jump in and hope for the best. I am going to try and add the badge because it seems to be getting great reviews. can anyone explain how to add it in laymans terms…I am not to technically savvy?. thank you. I also wish to say the Inspire assignment based on our Aboutme pages is interesting and I look forward to getting it posted today. one more question???? do I tag all blogging 101 hero to zero posts with ‘zero to hero’, ‘blogging 101’, and ‘daily post’? as well as what ever other tags I wish to include?


  5. I blog quite often and I truly thank you for your content. This article has truly peaked my interest. I am going to take a note of your blog and keep checking for new details about once per week. I opted in for your Feed too.


  6. Inspiration definitely comes in different forms and this is another GREAT way to be inspired!!


  7. I love the badges idea, I added the Blogging 101 badge, but I’m also quite proud that I figured out how to do a widget image that links you to another site on my blog, the one I created is of the Alaska state flag that links you directly to the Alaska Gov. website. I really feel like this group is teaching me quite a bit and my page would not look anywhere near as nice without the extra help I’ve gotten.
    Here it is:


  8. Pretty excited for this one. I have so many ideas for my blog and I want to share it with the entire world. I have also found that if I start a blog I am thinking about as a draft I can come back to it later. I have lost so many ideas because I forget to write them down. And I am sure I missed a day. Can’t wait to read everyones post.


  9. I love the fact that you are giving your readers tools that they can use. I’m just catching on to Blogging 101 now, but I may play the catch up game, and chime in just for the sake of doing so because I’m sure I as well as all of your other readers could learn at least one thing in the process of it all if not many things, because no one knows everything, not to mention it gets us out of writers block, and makes for a fun experience while giving us all the opportunity to connect with other bloggers here at the same time. I think this is a great idea. Kudos to you.


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