Blogging 101: Dream Reader

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn't currently active, but you can learn more about what we offer and register for upcoming courses on the BU home page.

Time to put your writing caps back on, and start honing your blogging focus.

We often create posts hoping that someone in particular will see (and appreciate) our work. Today, publish a post for that person — whether they’re a real-life figure or not — and stretch your blogging chops as you do.

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

Why do this?

  • Writing with a specific reader in mind is a great way to focus your thoughts.
  • Exploring new elements and post styles adds more tools to your storytelling toolbox.
  • Publishing different types of posts and media adds visual interest and keeps people reading.

Even if you’re simply blogging to have a place to practice writing, there’s someone you’re hoping will read. Maybe it’s your dad, so he’ll finally understand your life choices. Maybe it’s the head of Random House, so she’ll skyrocket you into literary limelight. Whether serious, frivolous or purely hypothetical, focus on your dream reader and write a post — about anything — aimed at him or her.

This doesn’t need to be the Greatest Blog Post of 2014 — it can be on any topic at all. The key is to keep your dream reader in mind as you write, and see how that influences what you create.

In your post, include one new kind of element. If you’re a photo blogger, try add context to your images with some haiku. If you’re a parenting blogger, add a photo. If you’re discussing current events, embed the tweets of other folks chatting about the same topic. If you’re an Instragram or Pinterest user, embed one of your own shots or some pins. Embed a song that resonates with what you’re posting about, or a map of a place mentioned in your post.

Trying something new brings an interesting twist to your blog, and thinking about what you post from a different angle is a useful exercise for any blogger. And the more tools you have at your disposal as a blogger, the more effectively you can tell your story.

Here are embed instructions for bloggers:

Before you hit “publish,” make sure you’ve added the blogging101 tag to your post — it’s the easiest way to make sure other participants can find you. (Still not sure how to add tags? Read this.)

Questions? Hit us, or share your works-in-progress in The Commons.

Editor’s Note: Using The Commons and feeling overwhelmed by new post notifications? If you’re following the Commons, head to to modify your settings. Find the 101 Commons and click “Edit” — you’ll be able to turn notifications off entirely, or choose to receive them as daily or weekly digests.

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  1. Oooohhhhh….. This sounds like a a Blast!!
    Can’t wait for morning to come quick enough (when I do finally manage to drop-off that is) when I can get stuck right into this assignment.

    In the mean time, I already have a piece that I created, in response to a Blog Post at which I thoroughly enjoyed creating.
    I received some lovely feedback also.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes I did my homework… then walking, replied for the letter of exchange letters initiative, I created a while ago… and finished the night with some painting as well 🙂


    1. I like your post, too. Fear is the thing that has been driving me all over the years, and cannot get rid of it. I will follow you now, hope you’ll follow back. Fear is our worst enemy, as per one very favourite book of mine, ‘The Master and Marguerita’…


  2. Let’s be honest – you guys are my ideal readers! Here’s a blog post about my dining experience at Zero Zero with you guys in mind.

    Now before you say “another food blog”, here’s my “about me” from Day 1: (it’s the wordpress shortlink)

    This community allowed me to find my niche and I appreciate all the feedback you guys provided in Day 1 of the About Me assignment – and you guys inspired me to keep going.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There is nothing wrong in ‘another food blog’. Like mine is ‘another tall blog’. 🙂 Do stop by and maybe follow me back, as I’ll follow you. I like food blogs!!


      1. Ohh I don’t even have to think.
        I am almost nocturnal and my mind works the best when there is no disturbance 🙂
        So late night is my time ;0
        It is 0252 here as I write this now 🙂
        What about you, do you have a preferred time?

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I can’t see the video either, otherwise is a nice post. I tried to embed a photo into mine, but all I’ve managed to, apparently, is to insert the link to it. D’oh.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it the post with the bird photo you meant? Otherwise, your blog seems wise, calm and collected, so I will follow you now. I would appreciate it if you find mine worth a follow back!


  3. good morning peers!!! Not sure what I am going to do today. Since my blog is so random I don’t really think I have a specific reader, but just anyone who is interested lol. So since that is the case lets do the following.

    I will go out of my element and write a poem. Catch is I want you guys to comment with a topic, anything at all i.e. Randomness, and I will go from there!!! sounds fun right?


  4. Great resource list, Michelle’s! Thank you! I especially appreciate the short code list.

    One question – how do you upload a .pdf? I’m trying to get some portfolio samples on my site, but when I “save as” .jpg, they become illegible. Any thoughts?


      1. Michelle – Thank you! This worked great! I wasn’t getting the part about inserting a custom URL, as opposed to the image itself. So, I got the image up, now I just have to write the copy to explain it. Thank you!


  5. This here is a music blog, it is here to emphasize that there is still great music being made whether it be underground or not and that why I would like to share it with people so if anyone is interested feel free to check it out in your spare time 🙂 Thank you and have a good day.

    Liked by 1 person