Blogging 101, Day Twelve: Be Inspired By the Community

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Welcome to Blogging U! This course isn't currently active, but you can learn more about what we offer and register for upcoming courses on the BU home page.

Yesterday, you left comments on four blogs. (Or more, if you found more posts that made you think — you overacheiver, you.) Remember how we asked you to remember where you left those comments? We hope you did, because you’ll need one of them today.

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

Why do this?

  • Because your blog is shaped by your own thinking and by your interactions with others, and building on someone else’s post expands your own ideas.
  • Because the original post was worth commenting on, that means it struck a nerve — it’s a topic people are interested in reading about.
  • Because responding and linking to other blogs adds to the fabric of the blogosphere, and actually helps other bloggers find you.

In comments, getting to the point is important and appreciated — but that doesn’t mean your train of thought ends when the comment does.

If you were really engaged in the posts you read yesterday, you probably have more thoughts than what you put in the comments. Today, choose the one you found most intriguing and expand on the discussion or offer a different perspective than what was shared in the original by publishing your own. Letting yourself be inspired by other bloggers and comments is an ideal way to explore your own thinking, nurture the conversation and community, and draw like-minded readers to your blog.

Not sure where to start? A few ideas:

  • Did you have questions about what you read in the original post? Search for more resources or other blogs and share your findings.
  • Did you mention a personal connection to what was written? Tell that story, using the original discussion as a starting point for yours.
  • Did you disagree with the post? The blogosphere is a place for lively debate: contribute to the discussion with your own points. It bears repeating: disagree respectfully.
  • Did you continue mulling over the post after you’d left your comment, but found your thoughts veering in another direction? Explore where they’ve gone and how they got there.

If you need a bit more of a boost, take a look at this recent piece on making writing prompts personal – many of the tips can be applied to using another’s post or a comment as a jumping-off point.

In your post, be sure to link back to the original post where you left the comment; you can refer to the post title and/or blog or blogger’s name somewhere in your post, and link those words to the original post. Doing this creates a pingback, which notifies the blogger that you’ve linked to and commented on their work — don’t be surprised if they (or their readers) visit your blog to continue the conversation!

As always, be sure to tag your post with zerotohero, and head to The Commons for more discussion.

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  1. Love the tips WordPress are throwing to us everyday 🙂 Really appreciate it.

    Pingbacks are really powerful because it not only draws in more audiences for you, but it also helps your page rank higher up when people search your name/something related to you on Google or any other search engine.

    For me personally, since my blog doesn’t really suit for a pingback ‘theme’, I’ll be going around commenting and discovering more blogs once again. So if your blog has a specific theme/genre like mine, no worries because you can always still built connections via more interactions and commenting.

    My blog is, so come over and say hi if you wanna. Please, please, if you’re reading this comment, leave your blogs in the comment thread below so I can visit you guys and know more about ya’ll as well.

    It has been a really fun journey thus far, and I’ve made many new friends, some of which I’m even collaborating with, and all of them are really supportive of my work, and the community’s work in general as well. So, I hope this nice little spirit continues for the forseeable future.

    Take care! Look forward to seeing ya’ll on my blog.


  2. Hello everyone! 🙂 Finally had the time to catch up on the challenges! A little background about me, I tried to do the first batch of this zero to hero challenges back in january, but time restricted me from doing so. I am glad that they decided to give another chance to us! Hopefully, we can help each other better. I hope you can have the time to visit my blog. The first posts was dated back in january and i decided not to change them anymore. Suggestions and comments are very much appreciated. PS: English is not my first language so let me know if i have to change anything on my grammar. Thanks guys! 🙂


  3. Did my assignment on this one! :).

    I really had a good time writing this blog entry. It’s shorter compared to my other blog posts but I think it was the most thought-provoking one I’ve written, at least until for now. :). Had the idea for it when I cam across this blog: . It’s a really good blog you guys so you might wanna check it out as well! :).


    1. I love your post on chemistry. It is just so true. Sometimes you can try to force it. I did once and it was really awkward. A friend of mine had advised me to give the guy one more try (that was our third date), the forth was awesome, so sometimes it just is a matter of time, like you bumping into the guy a few years later and it was so different.


  4. Love this post and assignment. Please feel free to drop by our blog and to pi g back to your own one. I love reading everyone’s own thoughts and opinions on all walks of life. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. TPJ x


  5. This was a really fun post to write! I was inspired by the blog of Mollie King:, which is the author’s diary from age thirteen, and is hilarious. I wrote about how I never really kept a proper diary as a kid, except for a brief period when I was fourteen and felt there was something going on in my life that was interesting enough to justify writing about it. Sadly that diary was confiscated by the UK government for potentially breaching the Statute of Secrecy. Apparently I’m not supposed to talk about the lizard people. Except I did. So I failed there. Oops.

    Read my entry here: and then take a look at Mollie’s blog.


  6. Yay! I’ve fallen behind in these assignments because of stuff going on in my life (my grandfather died, which his me hard… I did end up writing some posts about it though, so at least I’ve kept blogging), but this one I somehow managed to do a day ahead of time — go me!
    I’m making a list of all the things I haven’t done yet, or did a while ago but want to revisit (totally want to give my blog a face-lift)… in the meantime — here’s my response to a comment I made on a post somewhere else:


    1. You can do it! Crepes aren’t that difficult, really, and think of all the fun your family will have while you practice!

      I love the photo gallery (with the possible exception of the one where your husband turns into a zombie.) But, then, I’m a sucker for watching the passage of time in a few moments.


  7. Gah! I’ve been so busy the last few days with work that I’ve fallen behind. I enjoy this challenge though. Time to play catch up! Looking forward to finding some new blogs and offering a different perspective.


  8. I skipped the assignment yesterday. (I wasn’t feeling well, and didn’t seem to have anything to add to any of the blogs I looked at when I was up and reading blogs. Since I flat refuse to say something just to be talking, I passed on that one.)

    So today I blogged about a comment I made on someone’s blog a few days ago. It’s about the nature of heroes.

    I’d be delighted if you would like to read it. You can find it at



    1. I went to your site because of this post, particularly because you said, “Since I flat refuse to say something just to be talking…”

      I like that concept a LOT! and loved your post about heroes.


      1. Thanks! I like you blog, too. I never made my living with photography, but I used to take a lot of pictures, and then kind of drifted away from it. I’d like to get back into it, like you and several other people here. Perhaps we can encourage each other!


  9. I love building a blog community and friendships so much! Kind words and comments go such a long way toward feeling supported and inspired to keep writing! I can’t wait to complete this one today, the hard part will be choosing which comment to expand on. 🙂


  10. My post was a little different and to be honest I did it before I was asked to on here, but because it was such a great example I thought I would put the info here.
    Mine is a little different as it wasn’t so much the post itself that inspired me, but something in the comments section. Recently I read a piece called “The top 10 tips I’ve learned from minimalists” on the blog by Lara Blair. This post discussed how to find the parts of a minimalist lifestyle that work for you and provided some great tips on putting them into practice. I discovered a comment written by All thoughts work outdoors, part of which really struck a chord with me, from that comment the piece “Finding myself in the Red Centre” was born


  11. Woah, I am having trouble catching up! I have made quite a few changes since the start of this course. I’ve met some new bloggers to follow and who follow me. I’ve also met some new Tweeters to follow. The branding exercises are going well and I’ve spread my name and image all over the place. It’s all looking more unified. Still some work to do, though.

    As for blogging buddies – I’ve been looking at that idea for a few months now. I just haven’t had the chance to act on it. The best I’ve done is reblog a couple of posts. I have to say there were few comments on my blog when I reblogged. Does that mean my readers are not interested in what I am reading? I get the impression my readers care about what I write because they know me and can keep up with my adventures this way, which was the original point of blogging for me.

    With that in mind, I think it is important to really introduce the guest blogger so that readers can get enthusiastic along with me and read on.

    I also wanted to mention that I’ve seen some bloggers use guest posts when they are away so they can continue to have a daily presence in the blogosphere. That’s a great technique too.

    @eatallfresh – Good to make contact with you, buddy. I am hoping we can collaborate in coming weeks. At least we have a Twitter collaboration so far.

    You can find me @


  12. I just received a Liebster award, and passed it along to 11 more bloggers whose blogs I love and wanted to share the happiness and recognition with them, come join the award ceremony at:

    follow my blog and make yourself known to me so I can share my next award with you, I just received a new one yesterday and havent decided on my next 12 nominees! ♥♥♥ ; ^)